Usual day of a volcano which is thrown up 30 years

One of the most active volcanoes of the world, the Hawaiian Kilauea, continues to be thrown up. Colorful floods of a lava were removed on video from air. The operator Mick Kalber during three tens years removes volcanic activity on Hawaii.

At the end of the last week making flight of a volcano of Kilauea, he saw huge lava “waves” around Puu-oo’s cone. According to him, for all years of work he haven’t seen so much lava on the earth away from a volcano muzzle.

The last eruption of Kilauea began on January 3, 1983 and proceeds to the present. He entered a phase of intensive activity on March 6, 2011. Kilauea is considered a habitat of Pele – the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. Her name is given to some lava educations: “Pele’s tears” call small fragments of a lava which are cooled on air and take the form of a drop, and “Pele’s hair” – result of cooling of splashes of a lava on a wind.

At top of a volcano the roundish caldera of 3 by 4 kilometers in size lies. In it the crater of Halemaumau which became active since 2008 again is located. Along the Southeast rift zone there is Puu-oo who is continuously throwing up since 1983. According to volcanists, the wave floods of a lava shown on video happen in rift zones of Kilauea of times in some months; this normal phenomenon for an active volcano.