Dinner etiquette in different countries, which can amaze you

In the different countries different traditions. Today we will tell you about dinner etiquette and proper table manners in different countries, which can amaze you.

Dinner etiquette in different countries, which can amaze you

1. If you are in a restaurant in Italy, don’t ask for the Parmesan cheese for a pizza or pasta

Lots of kinds of pasta in Italy don’t mean eating it with the Parmesan cheese. Italians believe that eating a pizza with the Parmesan cheese is like eating a table jelly with an excellent chocolate mousse.

Italy, Wine. Cheese

2. In Thailand, don’t put a food into your mouth with the help of a fork

If you eat the dish with a rice, use your fork only for putting the rice into your spoon. The most terrible thing, which you can do, is to eat the rice with the help of chopsticks.

In the best case, it isn’t comfortable and in the worst – it’s very uncivilized manners!

3. If you’re in Japan, don’t put chopsticks into a rice

Putting chopsticks into the rice is worse than putting it just wrong. People, who know the culture of Japan very well, can explain it in such way: at a funeral procession a bowl with a rice is usually put in front of the coffin. And there are chopsticks, which are put in this bowl with a rice.

4. Don’t eat with your left hand if you’re in India, the Middle East or some parts of Africa

People, who live there, think that a left hand is “dirty”, because it’s usually used for defecation. You also shouldn’t even hand important documents with the help of this hand.

5. If you’re in Mexica, don’t eat a Taco with the help of a knife and fork

Mexicans suppose that eating this dish with the help of a knife and fork is quite silly. What is worse, you can look like a snob doing it.

For example, it’s like eating a hamburger with a sausage with the help of silver dinnerware so eat the Taco with your hands.

6. If you’re in Italy, drink a cup of Cappuccino only before the midday

Some Italians think that the cup of Cappuccino, which was drunk late, can make an intestinal upset. But some of them believe that a cup of Cappuccino substitutes only the breakfast, but not more.

For example, an average Italian have a cup of Cappuccino or a cup of Cappuccino with a croissant for a breakfast.

Cappuccino in Italy

7. If you have a meal with a group of people in Great Britain, hand the bottle of port wine to a person, who sits on your left and remember about the episcope Norridge

If you hand the drink to a person on your right, it can be rated like a very inappropriate action.

8. If you’re in France, don’t eat a bread before the main courses will be served

Eat it with the main courses and, especially, if there’s a cheese bar, eat it after having a meal.

9. If you’re in Chile, don’t eat with your hands, even French fries

People, who live there, like identifying their own culture with the European culture, so they eat all dishes with the help of a knife and fork.

10. If in Korea a person who is older than you offers you to pour the drink into the glass rise your glass with two hands

In such way you can show the respect to the older person, what is very typical for the Korean culture.

11. If it’s happened that you have a cup coffee with a Bedouin on the Near East, shake the cup after you have finished drinking it

You have to do it because all Bedouins will pour you some more coffee until you shake your cup.

Bedouin on the Near East

12. If you’re in Brazil, handle with your counter properly

If a waiter comes to you with a dish, which attracts you, put the counter with the green side up. If you don’t want to order anything else, put the counter on the other side – red side up.

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