What happens when you look through a telescope at the sun without eye protection?


From childhood, many of us have heard that if to look  at the sun with binoculars or a telescope, you will be damaged eye. All we know why – the sun’s rays are focused, and eye tissue can  to be damaged. But how can the damage be? The question, perhaps, a stupid, but still interesting.

So it is interesting that all of this it was decided to check. Astronomer  Mark Thompson decided to show it in practice. He set 80mm telescope with a 50x increase, pointed it at the sun, and looked through a telescope. However, his eyes was not endangered damage – he used pigs eyes.

The structure of the eye pig is quite similar to the structure of the human eye. Therefore, this body is a good demonstration of the effects of observing the sun without protection, to the naked eye. First, sort of like nothing is happening, but after 20 seconds the eye starts to smoke. And this is not par – eye tissues begin to burn.

Within 20 seconds the hole formed in the eye, passing through the cornea and lens. Thompson take eyes, and found that the extent of the damage is very high – light and struck the deep layers of the eyeball, not just the surface.

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