How to trick your children into eating healthy?

Everyone knows that eating healthy is not fun. Ask your toddler what he wants for dinner, and he’ll surely prefer a chocolate muffin to broccoli any day of the week.

How to trick your children into eating healthy

Kids don’t care

Kids don’t care about nutrition values and vitamins. They want chips, sweets, and soda. But every mother knows that a diet like that isn’t going to result in a healthy and happy baby.

And if your baby boy or girl still sits in a booster seat at the dinner table, he’s probably not yet old enough to understand what’s good for him. If that’s the case you’ll have to make sure to offer him a variety of healthy food options.

And on top of that try doing it without him even noticing it.

How do you do that? We’ve got an answer to that dreadful question every mother asks herself.

Find healthy foods that your kid actually loves

It may sound like mission impossible, but it is worth trying. Maybe your child likes apples and grapes. In that case, try to offer these fruits as snacks whenever you have a chance.

Always have them at hand, washed and ready to be served. You can ever pre-slice apples and keep them in an airtight container or a zip-lock bag. Just sprinkle the slices with some lemon juice so that they look fresh and yummy.

Make food fun to eat

You can find a lot of fun ways to decorate healthy food. For example, you can cut up carrot slices to look like flowers or a variety of different shapes.

You can use small cookie cutters to do that. Or you can make apple bunnies. To do that cut apples into four pieces. Take one piece and cut the skin in a V shape.

Then peel the inside part of the V. After that gently cut out “ears” of your bunny.

Hide and disguise healthy foods

Incorporate healthy vegetables into everyday dishes. Add cauliflower or broccoli to mashed potatoes or pasta sauce.

If you chop it small enough there’s a good chance that your toddler won’t even notice that there’s some yucky veggie in his mac and cheese. And if he won’t see it you may as well say that it wasn’t there in the first place.

Combine healthy foods with snacks

There’s always room for compromise. Think of different ways to combine healthy vegetables with something that your child likes to snack on. Make “ants on a log”. Take some celery sticks, put some peanut butter on top, and sprinkle with raisins. Or you can make delicious pancakes with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

But the most important thing is to set a good example. If you are not a picky eater and enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables, a good chance is that your kid will follow your lead. So put aside those chilly french fries and go grab an apple.

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