Sport activities help to become more intelligent and keep mind in old age

Or smart or beautiful? Researches show that the old adage shamelessly lying. Solution of the tasks or logic puzzles is not enough to raise the level of intelligence. The real guard of our mind is sport.

Sport activities help to become more intelligent and keep mind in old age

It is obvious that we can build muscle, constantly train and increasing endurance. But can we become more intelligent, acting this way?

The importance of this issue does not give in to doubt. One of the universal effects of aging, which is felt by all, – reduced cognitive abilities.

The area of the brain, which is essential for the memory is reduced by 1-2% every year since 55 years.

It is not surprising that people are so insistent turning their attention to all kinds of drugs for “the mind”, vitamins and medications that promise to maintain the normal functioning of the brain, even in old age.

The idea that we can develop our mental abilities seem seductive and optimistic. Eventually, the brain ceases to learn and change throughout life. Such property as neuroplasticity, helping him to adjust to the impact of external stimuli. Maybe we should use it to develop own cognitive skills?

Games and tasks do not work

Several years ago, the BBC and the University of Cambridge carried out a large-scale study to explore the possibility of brain training. The question that they were interested in, concerned the gymnastics of the mind: whether it can make you smarter?

To test the seized about 11 thousand people, who were involved in the solution of problems for six weeks, every day for 10 minutes. The subjects were divided into three groups: first coached logic and thinking crisis; second – short-term memory, attention and mathematical skills; The third group was a control and was engaged in that search for answers to complex questions.

Before they began training and upon completion of six weeks of training all participants of experiment passed some kind of IQ test. Results showed: those who was engaged in development of concrete skills, really improved the ability to the solution of similar standard tasks.

However, the overall level of intelligence of group members has not changed. The conclusion is: to rely on games and applications that promise to develop your brain, especially not worth it.

Sports will make you smarter

Seeing that the exercises for the mind can not develop your intellectual ability, do not sink into panic or disorder. There are other ways to help improve cognitive skills and brain function. It turns out that physical activity is more efficient, helping to increase the number of neurons.

Mice that regularly run in the wheel for 45 days, showed a surprising result: in their hippo-campus (a brain region responsible for memory consolidation) have more neurons than those animals that do not “train”.

Exploring the impact of sport on the human, the scientists conducted an experiment. They studied a group of elderly people with mild cognitive impairment. Participants were divided into three teams. The first dealt with strength training, the second – aerobic exercise, a third were those and other loads. The researchers found that all the subjects were able to improve spatial memory, just exercising according to regulations.

Another experiment showed that women who regularly engaged in weightlifting twice a week for one year, the brain decreases more slowly than those who do exercise once a week. However, it is still unclear exactly how it affects the mental ability.

Why is physical activity improves brain function? One assumption is that in the body increases levels of the protein BDNF – brain-derived neurotrophic factor. He is responsible for the stimulation and development of neurons. It is therefore exercises influence increase hippocampal and hence improves memory.

On the other hand, the negative and adverse events such as severe depression, can reduce the level of the neurotrophic factor, cause a reduction of the hippocampus and cause cognitive impairment. Because antidepressants not only improve mood, but also block the state caused by falling levels of BDNF. In some cases, these drugs can be considered neuroprotective.

Do not trust stimulants

But, of course, sport exercises quite difficult. Abilities to self-discipline, desire to work, not to give up are necessary. Undoubtedly, you would like to know, whether there is a magic pill which would make everything for you? Such preparations are called stimulations, and they are very popular among students.

Unambiguous evidence that stimulants help improve brain function, no. The only thing they are really useful – is to strengthen the ability to quickly recall previously known information.

All other myths that stimulants help in the work, develop thinking and memory, are not confirmed. Rather, these drugs block the normal course of mental processes, but evoke the feeling of anxiety and concern.

Studies have been conducted over the young adolescent health. Stimulants were given a randomly selected volunteers, the rest got a placebo. After taking the drug to teenagers offered to be tested on creative thinking, which consists of four modules. It was found that the stimulant has helped to improve the result only test where the guys offered to make parts of the picture so that it became whole again.

The conclusion is obvious: you can develop your mental capacity. More importantly, you are able to use their natural potential to the full, and store it in old age. Glancing toward stimulants and tablets not necessary. Wear shorts, sneakers and go in for sports.

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