Movies with the unpredictable final

In these movies you will see unexpected events, the sudden scenario courses which you won’t be able to come off. Also you will see the unexpected finals which couldn’t be foreseen.

13. “Wild Things”

"Wild things" movie

History with the twirled plot which intrigues continually. Here you will lose count of unexpected turns with the thought-over courses.

The movie begins as history of the senior pupil and her girlfriend (Fields Campbell and Denise Richards) who accuse the teacher (Matt Dillon) of rape. The hidden motives of characters promise the mountain of surprises.

12. “The Vanishing”

The Vanishing

Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) traveled with the girlfriend Diana (Sandra Ballok) who left the car to descend in roadside shop, but didn’t return any more. The main character unsuccessfully tries to find Diana, but can’t find out, what happened to his girlfriend.

Eventually, the thief (Jeff Bridges) reports that will tell what happened with Diana if Jeff makes the same, as she. Whether the same fate, as the girl is prepared to it? Whether he learns the truth? Whether will be able to survive?

11. Shutter Island

Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio perfectly played Teddie Daniels, the marshal of the USA who arrives to a psychiatric clinic for criminals on the Shatter island. He needs to investigate disappearance of one of patients.

Because of a storm the marshal gets stuck on the island where the events seem very strange. Martin Scorsese showed us an intense puzzle from which the secret about the terrible tragedy is untangled.

10. Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

Tim Thomas’s (Will Smith) carelessness leads to death of seven people, including his brides. To expiate the sins, he swears to help the same number of people to find happiness and pleasure in life. But its plan appears much more tragic, than can seem at first sight. The movie which will force you to fill in with tears a bowl with popcorn.

9. Secret Window

Secret Window

Johnny Depp in the screen version of the novel of Stephen King is already promising beginning. The writer Mort Reyni faces the dangerous stranger (John Turturro) who accuses him of plagiarism and is resolutely adjusted to revenge. The lawsuit on clarification of true authorship develops into a series of crimes.

8. Robot & Frank

Robot & Frank

The former thief (Frank Langella) lives in loneliness in the country house. The son concerned by health of the father brings to him the assistant robot. It causes an indignation storm in Frank. Further it is interesting to watch the curious relationship developing between the main character and “an insensible piece of equipment”. Unexpectedly sincere cinema.

7. Flight Plan

Flight Plan

After death of the husband Kylie Prett (Jodie Foster) took off from Berlin to New York together with the six-year-old daughter. In the plane she fell asleep at some o’clock, and having woken up, found out that the girl disappeared with things and a boarding pass.

Kylie can’t even prove that the daughter was in the plane. Nobody trusts her, all believe that she went crazy because of death of the husband.

6. Primal Fear

Primal Fear

In this movie took place the brilliant actor’s debut of Edward Norton which brought him the nomination on the Oscar for Best Actor of the second plan.

Norton – the young man who suffers from a split personality and gets under charge of murder of dear bishop. A key figure of the thriller is Richard Gere’s hero, the glorified lawyer who plans to carry the case at any cost. The final is improbable.

5. The Others

The Others

The classical plot about house ghosts is shown from the most unusual party. Nicole Kidman perfectly reincarnated in an image of the widow of the military who lives in the remote estate with the two children. Children suffer from sensitivity to direct sunshine.

4. Oldboy


Cult psychological detective story of the South Korean film director Park Chan-wook. The actor Choi Min-sik played the main character, the ordinary businessman who was kidnapped by unknown and kept locked up for fifteen years. All years of an imprisonment he built guesses, but couldn’t understand who holds him and for what reason.

3. The Mist

The Mist

The fantastic movie is made according to Stephen King’s short story. However, the ending differs from original history, but the king of horrors, having looked, approved it, and told that exactly this final was meant in the book.

The plot is constructed on the unnatural natural phenomenon. The city starts dimming strange dense fog in which something is covered dreadful an unknown origin. It will be difficult to forget the final.

2. Identity


Founders of this thriller said that they took as a basis Agatha Christie’s novel of “10 Black children”. Ten strangers at the same time stay in the isolated roadside hotel.

Lodgers start perishing one by one, it is obvious, that the murderer among them but how to find him? It’s story not simply about villainy, it is much more significant and more unexpected.

1. Dot The I

Dot The I

The cinema which at first reminds the romantic drama, promptly develops in the detective story and, at last, evolves in the bloody thriller. Natalia Verbeke played the young woman who is going to marry.

On a hen night at restaurant she gives the last kiss to the stranger (Gael Garcia Bernal). It would seem that it is classical “a love triangle”. But in the final all assumptions of the audience again fall.

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