How to make your week productive

You need just one hour on weekend to make your next week productive. Weekend is time for relaxing and self-renewal. In addition it’s also a good reason to plan your future week. This 4-steps system will help you to make up an effective week plan.

How to make your week productive

You need just one hour

Analyze your previous week

If you want to go forward you should know exactly, what you have already obtained. That’s why you should consider this step as a self-analysis. Think of important deals you began and ask yourself if you brought them to conclusion and coped with every task.

If you didn’t achieve your aims, ask yourself: why did it happen like that? It’s useful to remember your mood and physical state: how you felt and what food you ate last week.

If you ate too much junk food, try to realize which reasons influenced on you. Such factors as stressful situations, lots of work, lack of time can provoke malnutrition. When you realize the reasons of your everyday actions, you’ll get prepared to keep healthy habits and won’t repeat your previous mistakes.

Write down all your ideas into your diary

There can be ideas both for your private life and a job. Later on you write them down, look through the list and mark out the most important aims for you.

Setting priorities will stimulate your private and professional development.

Note down all your arrangements and appointments into the calendar

First you should note down your working time. It wiil definitely occupy the most part of your week. Next allocate your time for sleeping, doing sports and some hobbies.

Finally you should leave the space for appointments and interesting arrangements you’d like to visit. This step reveals that you have enough time for some activities and entertainment.

Make a detailed plan of every weekday

Every day of your week should approximate you to you achievement of all your aims. If you want to do sports four times a week, determine days and time for such activities.

While planning the week take into consideration the periods when you’re the most active – it’s the time you should plan the most important things. You should rationally plan your time because every weekday is individual by it’s content.

Two questions able to improve your productivity

Sometimes your working day period seems to run quickly, but now and then you feel extremely tired and emptied when you leave your office.

Analyze the situation and your emotions to make conclusions and organize your working day correctly.

What’s the most important thing for me at the moment?

Some people spend their day piddling about and don’t bring any deal to conclusion. That’s why setting priorities is one of the most useful skills. Note down the most important task in your to-do list. If you have to respond the e-mail, do it right now.

If you have to make some important tasks, don’t leave them to the deadline. Make urgent commissions right now, or you’ll have to deal with accumulated stock of problems.

What I really want to do?

This question doesn’t touch upon your wishes at the moment, it’s more global. You should find your place and choose a job you really want to make. If you brilliantly cope with some tasks, they should become your everyday job.

This way your job will satisfy, and you’ll be proud of yourself, because positive results always motivate to new achievements.

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