How to draw Elsa and Anna from the “Frozen”?

Do you want to please the child, but do not know how to draw your favorite Disney characters?

Simply select the original image to calculate the proportions and draw Elsa from “Frozen” and her sister Anna on paper using colored pencils.

Step 1

To draw Elsa from “Frozen” and her sister Anna, you must first prepare schematic pencil sketch. Look carefully at the selected original image, trying to repeat the proportions and layout of girls on paper.

Determine the middle, Elsa will occupy the left side of the sheet, and Anna right. Begin to draw characters from the head. Make sure to line eye passed right in the middle face, and nose ended in the central arc of the lower face, as shown below. Keeping out pretty easy to make the character look like the original.

How to draw Elsa and Anna from the "Frozen"?

Step 2

Begin draws features, paying attention to the shape of eyebrows and lips, eyelashes and hair. Try to repeat the facial expressions that show Elsa and Anna in the image below.

The more detailed you worked for a sketch, the figure will more carefully. Do not forget to easily shade the shadows, giving the face and hair in the picture volume.

Step 3

Once you’re happy with the image of pencil, erase the guides and auxiliary lines, take crayons and start to paint with Elsa, not to lubricate the drawing.

Avoid strong pressing to the transitions between the colors look more natural, especially on the face.

Step 4

Elsa and Anna have a very bright big eyes, so for eyelashes and eyeliner can safely use the liner or black gel pen. Elsa’s hair you can paint with a yellow tinge, and red braids for Anna fit yellow, orange and brown pencils.

For the skin, you can take the pink and flesh-tone or orange without strong pressing. Do not forget to leave white highlights in the eyes and iris blue paint and a blue pencil to make the look more expressive. By following these recommendations, you can draw the characters without much difficulty even novice artists.

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