Easy Steps to Make a Pillow Gift Box

There are millions of ways to pack your gifts. Its better when you can create and customise your own gift packaging. This way you can add a personal touch to your gift. A great way is to make gift boxes. You can shape boxes into anything you want to. Here’s a tutorial for a cute little gift box, shaped like a pillow. You can vary the sizes by being creative! Using dishes or anything circular you find at home.

Easy Steps to Make a Pillow Gift Box

What you need:

  • An unused CD
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scoring bone/Dull blade/a thin stick to score with
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock/ thick patterned paper not less than 2-ply and not too thick either

Pillow Gift Boxes - Step 1

What to do?

Take a pencil and the CD and start marking its outline on the cardstock.

Pillow Gift Boxes - Step 2

Continue withdrawing another circle coinciding with the first one. Then draw the other arcs using the CD like in the picture below.

Pillow Gift Boxes - Step 3

Then remove all the outside circles leaving just 2 circles and 8 arcs.

Using your scoring tool, score along all the acs inside the circles.

Pillow Gift Boxes - Step 4

Cut out the outer circles with a scissor like this.

Pillow Gift Boxes - Step 5

The scoring will cause the paper to fold easily.

Pillow Gift Boxes - Step 6

Bring the folds together to create the box and wrap it with a ribbon to keep it held together.

You can also add flaps to some of the arcs and glue them when bringing the folds together creating a permanent box.

Easy Steps to Make a Pillow Gift Box

This turns out to be a quite unique and beautiful box to gift someone.