11 children millionaires at whom it is worth learning

There are millionaires who have not even finished school. It is not the children of wealthy parents. We are talking about children who made a fortune by their own labor. They know what the business is and how to make money. Mind emerges at a young age.

1. Christian Owens

Christian Owens
Christian made his first million before he was 16 years old. Since childhood, self-studying web design, he created his first company at 14. Then he began to negotiate with the various manufacturers and distributors, offering them a suite of applications for Mac OS X, the operating system of Apple. Steve Jobs was for him a source of motivation and inspiration. Since then, Mac Bundle Box brings millions to Christian.

Lesson: Of course, you need to follow your passion, but the most important thing – to help people save money. Find a way to offer them something for a lower price.

2. Evan

Evan started his EvanTube channel on YouTube, when he was only 8 years old. Now, thanks to his channel, he earns about $ 1.3 million per year, with over a million subscribers. What he says in his videos? About the same, what you’re thinking – about popular toys, children’s video games – all that fond of small children. Yes, you can become rich, talking about Lego, Minecraft and Angry Birds!

Lesson: if you are doing what you love, and you’re doing it perfectly, you can create a project for a million dollars. It is not easy, but applying perseverance, it is possible.

3. Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson
Everything began when Cameron started creating invitation cards on guest-nights of the parents. Soon he began to receive orders from their friends and fellow parents. Guy founded Cheers and Tears at age 14. Then he began to deal with developments in the software and online advertising that has made him a millionaire, when he was still at school.

Lesson: if you do something well, you can turn it into something more. Develops new industries, try something new. All this will make you a millionaire.

4. Adam Hildreth

Adam Hildreth
Adam became a millionaire in 16 years, creating a social network for teenagers Dubit (popular in the UK). Once the project has brought him success, he founded Crisp, service that helps protect children from Internet intruders. In 2004, Adam was included in the top 20 list of the richest teenagers in the UK.

Lesson: sometimes it is better to look for ideas in popular niches and create something yourself. You should also find solutions to problems that concern people.

5. Leanna Archer

Leanna Archer
Leanna was engaged in pouring and sale of own lipstick for hair when she was only 9 years old. Secret recipes girl got from her great-grandmother. Then she opened her line of hair products based on the same recipe. Now the company brings Lean over $ 100,000 a year, and her condition is more than $3 million. She also founded The Leanna Archer Education Foundation, which aims to meet the basic needs for 200 Haitian children.

Lesson: When you succeed and make a lot of money, do not forget to give it to a good cause. Money is also necessary, in order to help others, especially those in great need.

6. Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad Acidwalla
In 16 years Farrkhad founded marketing agency Rockstah Media which was engaged in development of the sites, advertizing and branding. He is called one of the most promising entrepreneurs of our time. When Farrhad was asked about the main reasons for the success of his project, the young entrepreneur replied: “My team – is the foundation of my company.”

Lesson: you can not do it all by yourself. Building a strong team of professionals is necessary, if you want to take your business to the next level.

7. Robert Nay

Robert Nay
Robert earned more than $2 million in 2 weeks after the publication of his famous game Bubble Ball. By the time he was only 14 years old. At the moment, it downloaded over 16 million times. Robert continues to develop new applications of games for his company Nay Games. Bubble Ball is one of the most popular games in the Apple Store.

Lesson: Some people really can achieve instant success. This should not be your goal, but if you create something good, success is inevitable.

8. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick D'Aloisio
Nick sold the Summly company to search giant Yahoo for $30 million in 2013 that made him one of the youngest millionaires in the world. On the basis of Summly the news application of Yahoo News Digest was started. Now Nick works in Yahoo. According to Wall Street Journal he was called “The innovator of year”, and Time Magazine included him in the list of the most influential teenagers around the world. Also, the guy managed to get a partner with the Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-Shin, which has funded the development of his new applications.

Lesson: age is not a hindrance. Nick was even able to get funding from the billionaire, despite his age.

9. Moziah Bridges

Moziah Bridges
Moziah founded the company, that making a tie-butterfly, in 9 years. His business soon began to bring $150,000 a year. Today the company staff includes several employees. He became the hero of many popular magazines, and managed to take part in the famous American TV show Shark Tank. Currently, a small businessman is working on creating his own clothing lines.

Lesson: make your business successful, is constantly looking for new ways to develop and expand.

10. Emil Motycka

Emil Motycka
Emil created business on a hairstyle of lawns in 9 years. Soon it transferred it to qualitatively new level. In 13 years he took the credit of $8000 and bought a professional lawn-mower. At the time of founding his own company Motycka Enterprises guy was 18. After earning more than $100,000 over the summer, now business brings him millions.

Lesson: if you undertake something, do it it is better than others.

11. Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran
When Kumaran brothers were 12 and 14 years old, they founded own game corporation. They have several applications and has over 35,000 users have downloaded them. They developed the most popular game Catch Me Cop. The main income comes from advertising, as games and applications are free for download. Now the brothers attend various events and speakers at the conference.

Lesson: be loyal to your passion and do what you do well.

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