The best web services of 2017 according to Picaster

Useful and entertaining online projects that impressed us this year. Ten best services for work and leisure for you and your friends.

1. Tinycards

A platform for the effective memorization of foreign words and other information created by Duolingo developers. Tinycards uses a popular format for learning by using cards that display new words with optimal intervals for learning.

Among the strengths of the project – the original design and a huge amount of content from ordinary users and linguists. There are apps for Android and iOS.


With you can quickly create a virtual business card for yourself or your company and choose a URL for it. The service will allow you to issue it and add buttons with links to your accounts in instant messengers and social networks. Seeing such a business card clients or friends will get a consolidated list of all your contact details.

3. Lumio

Lumio is a cloud storage for useful information that you can find on the Web. In the service it is convenient to save links, quotes, images, articles and other content. It also allows you to annotate a web page. There is an extension for the Chrome browser and applications for mobile OS.

4. Skytorrents

An incredibly fast search engine for torrent trackers, not annoying with advertising. Enter in Skytorrents the name of the music album, program or other content you want to download, and a second later you will see a list of different trackers. If the developers add more detailed information about the files, it will be very good.

5. CC Search

This search engine searches for images available for free use legally. CC Search is a project of the Creative Commons organization that promotes the legitimate distribution of creative products. The service allows you to filter search results by license type, creator, name, tags and other parameters.

6. Zenkit

Zenkit is one of the best alternatives to the service for project management Trello, also based on the kanban method. In addition to presenting tasks in the form of card sets, Zenkit supports calendar, list and table views. There are apps for iOS and Android.

7. Vectr

Free vector graphics editor. Suitable for creating simple icons and logos, and for complex illustrations. An important feature of Vectr is the support of teamwork. You can send colleagues a link to the project and edit it together. There are desktop versions for Windows, macOS and even Linux.

8. Logojoy

Logojoy is an original graphic editor designed to create logos. Only graphics in it draws not a designer, but artificial intelligence. The user only needs to enter several parameters of the future masterpiece, the rest service will generate itself.


Free, convenient and pretty designed set of tools for working with PDF-files. With their help, you can compress, share documents, remove protection from them, convert to other formats and not only. By the way, the creator of lives in Russia.

10. Radio Garden

Visual catalog of radio stations from around the world. The project was implemented as an interactive 3D model of the Earth, on which thousands of stations were marked. You can rotate it, zoom in and switch between different signal sources with a simple mouse click.

Radio Garden started at the end of last year and won international popularity in 2017. In addition to the web version, applications for iOS and Android are available.

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