10 Things That Happy Couples Should Not Do

Happiness in relationships does not depend on luck and chance. It’s a daily job. If you reject doing the things below, you will be in strong relationship for a long time.


10 Things That Happy Couples Should Not Do

Complaining about a partner to friends and family

Quarreling is not only unhealthy, but completely useless. Tomorrow you will reconcile and change the previous opinion, and the impression of your companion will be permanently ruined.

Instead of complaining to friends, talk to each other, ask questions that concern you. Friends are needed for the calm, joy and relaxation. As for relatives, they will be on your side in any way.

Comparing yourself with other couples

Love each other as you are. Comparing yourself and your partner with others is unreasonable and dishonest. It’s even more unreasonable to express your thoughts and comparisons aloud. You will not get anything good. The grass on a strange lawn will always appear greener, even if in fact the lawn there has long dried up.

The other extreme is to compare yourself to the famous couples. Many stars just pretend to be happy in marriage. For them it’s business and nothing personal. Live your life and do not compare yourself with either the neighbors, or with the Instagram stars.

Playing victim’s role

Adult people enter into a relationship and take a definite position in a couple consciously. If you have not been forced into the registrar’s office or forced to meet with the partner, do not become a victim and blame him or her for problems. Look for solutions and fight with difficulties, instead of blaming the partner in this situation.

Being too serious

A happy family life is not a test of strength, not a matter of life and death. Loving people can laugh at each other and with a smile accept difficulties, which sometimes are thrown up by life.

In the end, you have got each other, then there are forces to cope with any troubles.


Each person has got something good and bad. Happy couples know that criticism destroys relationships and kills love.

If you do not like something, tell about your feelings delicately and explain what exactly makes you feel uncomfortable.

Ignoring the monetary theme

The question of money can break the most robust relationship. Happy couples are open in financial matters, they understand their needs, see goals and jointly discuss the future.

There should not be any embarrassment about money matters. This is your money and your future. It is in your interests to make it secure.

Playing the role of clairvoyants

Happy couples know that communication is the basis of a healthy relationship. Happiness does not need a magic ball and the ability to read thoughts.

It’s enough to talk openly and without riddles about your feelings, anxieties and hopes.

Overdoing the stick

Sharing emotions and feelings is good. But to throw out all the negative and stress on the partner does not worth it.

It will become easier for you, but not for your partner, especially if he or she was not morally ready to throw out emotions. You want to talk? Ask if it is the right moment for it.

Cling to roles

Imagine that on the first date you said that you like cooking, and since that time you do not leave the kitchen, because you were entrusted with the role of the chef.

Happy couples have a flexible mindset and do not cling to specific roles. You can be anyone you want.

Finding fault with trifles

Happy relationships consist of moral support and participation. Life is already full of stress and negativity.

If your partner have a problem, for example, got fired, do not carp, but try to inspire with love. Your faith motivates more than anything else.

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