Martti – autopilot for bad weather

Finnish experts from the Center for Technical Studies presented the original development of an autopilot, which was given the name Martti. Its feature – the ability of cars to move along the road without marking.

The first successful tests were carried out on a road covered with snow and in conditions where neither the dimensions of the canvas nor the road signs are visible in the visible zone.

In total, the autopilot system is guided by the operation of a large number of sensors, including radar, lidar, rangefinder and camera. All received information is processed by special software and determines for the system the current width of the web, as well as the possible boundaries of the strip.

As a basis for the Martti test, Volkswagen Touareg is used. At the moment the car was driving at a speed of 40 km / h, but next year this speed will necessarily increase, as well as test the autopilot off-road.

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