In China, drivers 48 times a year crashed into the same house by the wayside

In the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, cars crashed 48 times into a single-storey house in 2016. The building stands at the T-shaped intersection, and drivers can not cope with the car, trying to fit into the turn.

The owner of the house, He Haijun, even hung on the fence a huge poster “Slow down!”, but the cars continue to drive into the house.

According to Haijun, the accident began several years ago when a new road was laid across the street. Drivers turn from it to the left at an angle of 90 degrees and crash into the house, failing to manage the car.

Haijun and his wife, Xu Renixiang, are counting – more than 100 cars have crashed into the building all the time. They also collect photos of incidents, applying them to petitions and appeals to the district administration.

Officials do not react to complaints, so Haijun installed a barrier of old bricks near the fence. The man hopes that in this way the cars will not reach the house, but will be stuck in the fence.

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