Unique Winter Restaurants Around Moscow

Published on 15, Aug 2016

Fish Point

Wake up early one Saturday and drive out to restaurant Fish Point, which is located a little over 10 kilometers outside Moscow on Novorizhskoye Shosse. From the outside this eatery looks like most of its peers outside the city, and your first impressions might be right to some extent: inside you will find a few fake trees. With the exception of these typical elements of decor, the interior is actually quite modern.

Fish Point, Moscow

Comfortable wooden chairs and low couches, carved bar-stools and an open ice bar complete the picture. The upscale seafood eatery does serve delicious food, but the grounds are the real reason to go this season. Fish Point’s picture windows overlook a peaceful lake, and guests are welcome to go walking after filling up on sturgeon pelmeni. The wine list is pricy so you won’t miss too much if you are stuck behind the wheel.


Last year, the team behind Solyanka and Lebedinoye Ozero opened Medeo – a Pan-Asian restaurant and lively bar for ice skaters and other winter revelers – in the heart of Gorky Park. Over the summer, Medeo disappeared while the park saw a huge increase in the number of eateries, many of which have continued to work into the winter.

Still, this season Medeo’s relaxed and jovial, if not too crazy, atmosphere where the emphasis is on chilling with friends rather than exhibiting your latest suit or heels makes it one of our favorite spots in the park.

More Vnutri

This Sokolniki Park vegetarian eatery has more to offer than green smoothies and rilled vegetables. Stop by the healthful haven or a pick-me-up after skating on the park’s incredibly impressive new skating rink, or to enjoy one of More Vnutri’s own activities. The cafe hosts regular “natural yoga” classes on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on Mondays and Thursdays in the evenings.

Classes, which are taught in Russian by a professional yogi, cost 500 rubles. If you need more sustenance than a smoothie can offer after closing your practice, go for a slice of what More Vnutri calls “Say Cheeeese!” This cheesecake, found on the “sweet life” section of the menu along with the rest of the “world’s healthiest desserts,” is creamy with-out being rich and boasts a fabulous, earthy crust. The cake costs 260 rubles.

Radisson Royal Cruise

The Radisson Royal Moscow has just updated its fleet with yet more ice-breaking boats that tour the Moscow River all winter long. These exclusive ships offer food as well as snow-dusted sightseeing, and are a fun way to spend a wintry Saturday. On weekends the boats first trip around the city begins at 1 p.m. from the dock at the Hotel Ukraina, and the last pick up is from the Gorky Park dock at 9 p.m.

Tours are two and a half hours and tickets cost 900 rubles for adults. Children under five are free, while kids between six and 12 pay 650 rubles. If you get hungry while on board, the boats offer an array of Italian specialties at extra cost, as well as a list of cocktails for evening revelers.

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