What to do if you envy your colleague

Published on 03, Aug 2017

We can do our best to be above it, however, envy can still sneak into working relations. If you want to overcome this unpleasant feeling, just follow the simple instructions.


What to do if you envy your colleague

Step 1. Admit this feeling and accept it

To begin with, tell yourself, “I am envious.” Don’t try to suppress your emotions. Suppressed envy can be expressed through rage, criticism or prejudice, and this will hurt your relations with colleagues.

Tell yourself that there is nothing bad about being envious. This feeling is labeled as vicious and even sinful. But it is with us from the very childhood and you can hardly find a single person who can say that he or she never feels envious about other people.

Envy is one of usual human feelings which should not be considered as something terrible.

Step 2. Congratulate your colleague from the bottom of your heart

Now when you are aware of your envy and admit it to yourself, it is time to colour this feeling with some positive emotions. Try to congratulate your colleague, approach this person at work or send a greeting messsage. Don’t be hypocritical, bestir yourself to behave sincerely.

It is important to awake in yourself warm feelings. Think about how long this person has come to success, how much he or she had to work and that this person deserves some good words. If there are no occasions for greeting speeches, just recognize your colleague’s achievements and praise them.

Step 3. Analyse other person’s success

Think about what your colleague has done to succeed and what you can change in your work to achieve the same.

Of course, it is not about copying other person’s behaviour. We know that it is worth comparing yourself today only with you yesterday and with no one else. But you can learn something useful from other people’s victories, something that will help you act more effectively in the future.

Step 4. Summary

If as a result of this analysis you will get at least one useful idea, thank one more time the colleague whom you are envious about.

Gratitude as well as sincere greetings neutralizes envy. And in the end there is one more tip. If you have friendly relations with the object of your envy, just think about the following: isn’t it beneficial for you to have a successful friend? This kind of situation also has a lot of advantages.

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