An unusual way to regain lost energy

Published on 05, Feb 2018

Perhaps you have noticed that with age, the internal energy reserve becomes smaller, and it is more difficult to replenish it. It is believed that this is entirely natural. But is it? Maybe there is a universal remedy that will help to feel full of strength again?

Doing sports, contrast showers, changing the food system – most likely, you have already tried different ways to regain your tone, but they do not always give the desired effect, and time and discipline to observe the special regime is not always enough.

There is a simple and pleasant way to experience a surge of energy.

The power of memories

Everyone has a set of memories of bright and pleasant moments of life. Some of them appeared in the set in the early childhood period, others we filled up our collection quite recently. They have a common – that special state that we experience when we remember something good.

To better understand this, try to extract from memory the bright moment of life. Feel how the body begins to relax and there is a feeling of a rush of strength.

What is the reason that memories are able to give such a boost, and how to get maximum energy from them?

From fractional to whole

Consciousness is a complex system that keeps access to internal resources and experience. In this cleverly organized “pantry”, not only talents and skills are “hidden”, but also the keys to the restoration of lost energy.

We nurture pleasant memories so that they do not lose their strength and brightness, but this takes away part of our energy resources. It turns out that in every pleasant memory there is a certain amount of energy that we have the right to take right away.

This is how to distribute supplies around the house – just imagine how much internal forces you will return to yourself, once again gathering all the stocks together!

The Time of Magic

Find a place where no one will disturb you. You can get settled in an armchair or even lie down. Listen to your body, relax, release tension.

Stop the choice on one of the brightest and most pleasant memories. Imagine how you sink into that happy moment, focus on the details: what do you feel, what do you hear, what smells are around, what colors surround you?

Feeling the whole gamut of emotions associated with the memory, take a deep breath. Feel how it returns with the amount of energy that was filled with the moment. All the strength, all the pleasant emotions and sensations leave the memory and fill you from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your hair. Completely absorbing the resources of the moment, open your eyes.

With each recollection, the process of energy recovery will be easier. Soon you will be able to do this exercise during a short break at work or while waiting for a flight at the airport. This technique will help you not only replenish the energy reserve, but also begin to feel better and the world around you. Memory is activated and will give you new sources of recovery.

All this will have a positive effect on the general condition and overall on your health, will help increase productivity. You will find it easier to communicate with people, and trivialities will no longer knock you out of the rut.

Trust the unconscious and get down to the exercise!

Published by Sergey Ermilov

Editor in chief and author of the Traveller, blogger, designer etc. Living all around the World, share the best experience.