The truth about energy drinks: how the ingredients work

Published on 28, Jul 2017

All energy drinks usually contain the same ingredients. Picaster made it clear which of them really energize you and which of them are almost useless.


The truth about energy drinks: how the ingredients work


Caffeine is the main ingredient in lots of energetic drinks, because it really stimulates the central nervous system and the cardiac function.


Taurine is an organic amino acid that is widely distributed in human and animal tissues. Our body is able to produce taurine and to grab it from meat and fish. Though taurine is necessary for human normal functioning, there are no evidence that it is a stimulant.


Berries of this South American climbing plant are abundant with caffeine. In other words, if an energetic drink contains guarana, it simply means “even more caffeine”.


Glucuronolactone is a substance that is produced in human body and is found in some plant gumps. Though manufacturers often add it in their products, the substance isn’t proved to be a stimulant.

B vitamins

B vitamins are found in energetic drinks in different forms: nicotinic acid, folic acid, riboflavin or cyanocobalamin are added. These vitamins really play a very important role in energy metabolism. But the trick is that you’ll feel the effect only in case you suffer from vitamin B deficiency.


A natural amino acid synthesized in liver and kidney tissues that increases endurance and decreases tiredness. Unfortunately, the amount of L-carnitine in energetic drinks is so small that you can’t count on any significant effect.


The high sugar content in energetic drinks also promotes the jump of working efficiency, because the simple sugar dextrose is a main source of energy for body cells. But don’t forget that the overuse can lead to glucose stroke, which means that the exhaustion results from the energy boost.

If you need getting some extra energy, just brew a bit stronger coffee. It will contain the same amount of caffeine as in energetic drinks, and you’ll be able to add as much sugar as you need without any damage to your health.

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