How to Succeed in Learning Something New

Published on 19, Jul 2017

How to Succeed in Learning Something New

1. Do not get distracted

After you have sat down at the table to learn, nothing should distract you. Mastering a new material or doing homework for a few hours should be the most important thing for you. Before you start learning, close all the tabs that do not apply to study, and turn off the phone.

2. Practise constantly

You will not be able to learn a language or understand complex mathematical formulas if you devote your studies an hour or two once a week. The key to success is regular practice. Set your goal to practice every day for at least half an hour. You can start with 15 minutes and gradually increase the time. The main thing is that you are engaged every day. It is advisable to do this at about the same time, so you will develop a habit of studying.

3. Make plans

Mastering a new topic or writing a large written work is a very big task, which is not so easy to approach. Break it into several small tasks and make a clear plan of how and when you will perform them. For example, decide that on Monday you will read the new chapter of the textbook, Tuesday you will devote to fixing the studied material, and from Wednesday you will begin to practise and perform tasks related to the new topic.

4. Work in a group

Group work helps to absorb the material better. Find like-minded people and study with them. Discuss new topics with each other, so you can look at them from different points of view. A group discussion of complex tasks will help to find an original approach to them. If you are preparing for the exam, prepare a training plan with someone. You will motivate each other, and so you will have more chances to achieve your goal.

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