How to put away the smell of cat urine?

Published on 12, Sep 2017

It’s pretty hard to remove the smell of cat urine, but it is still possible. The main thing is to work quickly and to use the right things in the right order.

How to put away the smell of cat urine?

Begin to work right now

If a pet has made a puddle out of the hod, you need to start solve the problem as soon as possible. The longer the cat’s urine stays uncleared, the sharper and more horrible the smell becomes.

You can even not recognize the dry attaint, but it will smell. And the traces of an old puddle can provoke a cat to repeat the experiment many times.

If you want to remove the smell successfully, you need at least to imagine the composition of cat urine. Its main ingredients are carbamide and urochrome, which are easily washed off with water, and also colorless crystals of uric acid. It is because they are poorly soluble in water, but when the level of humidity increases, they begin to exude a smell with a new force.

Remove the puddle

Dry the puddle with paper towels or a clout. If the carpet is damaged, press the dry cloth several times to the spot. Do not rub or smear urine. If the stain is already dry, sprinkle it with water and blot. Your task is to remove as much of a cat urine as possible without increasing the area of ​​the spot.

Add to the stain remedy with enzymes

You can use special compositions that are sold in pet stores or even simply detergents. It’s very important not to use any chemicals before you treat the stain with a remedy with enzymes. These chemicals can react with the remains of the previous composition and not work.

Apply the substance according to the instructions on the package and leave it until completely dry. Most likely, it will be enough to completely destroy the smell.

Use vinegar, soda and hydrogen peroxide

If you can’t quickly get a remedy with enzymes, you can do with improvised means. You can just mix 1½ cups of water with ½ cup of table vinegar and pour a spot on this solution. After 3-5 minutes blot the stain with paper towels and sprinkle it with baking soda.

Then dilute 1 teaspoon of dish-washing liquid in 100 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Try rubbing with this solution an inconspicuous area of ​​the floor or carpet to make sure that you do not discolor the coating. If everything is fine, put the mixture over the soda and carefully rub it with a brush.

After that it is enough to wait for a few hours until the mixture dries and then you can just vacuum your carpet. If you still feel the smell you can repeat this procedure one more time.

Use the manganese solution

Another proven method in removing of the smell of a cat urine is a weak solution of potassium permanganate. But this method can not only solve the problem, but also create a new one. On your carpet may appear stains from potassium permanganate, especially if there are insoluble crystals in the solution.

Forget about bleach and ammonia

Never use solutions with ammonia. Its smell will provoke the animal to make a puddle in the same place. For the same reason, do not cling to the means with chlorine. They can damage the cover.

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