Musical bridge fountain of Banpo in Seoul (South Korea)

Published on 04, Jul 2016

In Seoul (South Korea) there was a new sight which right there took the place in the Guinness Book of Records. It is about Banpo Bridge which could be the most usual if on it the longest fountain in the world wasn’t installed. There is this miracle in the heart of Seoul and connects river banks of Khan.

Musical bridge fountain of Banpo in Seoul

Along each side of the bridge fountains are located. Total length of “the Lunar Rainbow” (other name of the bridge) makes 1140 meters. According to the project, streams of water fall as if falls down. The special system of lighting therefore the effect of water dance – improbable game of lights, rays and streams of water is created was for this purpose.

Especially perfectly the falls look at the night if to look from the southern coast of Khan – the beautiful view of night Seoul and of N tower opens. If to stand on the lower level of the two-story bridge – the feeling that you in falls is created. Banpo Bridge and the fountain represent part of one project, it has to attract a flow of tourists to Seoul.

Published by Sergey Ermilov

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