How to get the most from layoffs?

Published on 09, Sep 2017

There are four advice that will aid you to leave your current job.

How to get the most from layoffs?

Go first

If you feel that it’s a matter of dismissal, don’t wait until they tell you this: apply for resignation by yourself. Then with subsequent employment you will avoid embarrassing situations and you don’t have to explicate why you were not satisfied with the boss on a previous job.

Understand why you are fired

Ask yourself why they want to fire you. If it’s not about mass reduction or quarrel with your superiors, then, probably, you have recently worked in a slipshod manner. What is the reason?

Perhaps you feel uncomfortable at the current workplace. Or maybe you even dream of changing the field of activity. Think about it and keep the conclusions you have in mind when you look for a new job.

Maintain working relationships

When leaving work, it isn’t necessary to completely break all contacts with former colleagues and superiors. Try to maintain good connections with the maximum number of people. If you keep on to work in the same field, these contacts may be useful to you.

Talk to the authorities

If you have decided that the work doesn’t suit you and you want to quit, don’t hurry to write a statement of resignation. First, talk to the boss and state your thoughts: explain what you don’t like right now and why you intend to leave.

Perhaps you will be offered an alternative – a transfer to another department or even an increase.

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