Germans rule the World or major reasons to learn German

Published on 04, Aug 2016

German language is considered to be the most learned one in Europe after English and French.

Berlin, Germany

More than eighty two million people live in Germany, so the huge amount of European people can call German their native language. However, other states residents still require German translation to communicate with native speakers.

Four Major Reasons to Learn German

Qualified interpreters who can boast English and German speaking and written skills are highly demanded today:

  1. German to English and English to German simultaneous translation skills are required for negotiations with imported goods suppliers, delegations support, tourists escort, etc.
  2. Written translation skills are necessary for documents translation, e-mail correspondence, and so on.
  3. Germany’s affluent cultural heritage has a significant impact on the world culture. Every tenth book is published here. It is quite necessary to translate German opuses for they can be read by other languages speakers.
  4. Tourists from many countries often need German to their language and  their language to German simultaneous interpreting in their guided tours.

German Castle

Learning German for Profit and Impressions

Quality hospital equipment, high level of medicine and diagnostics, rare goods, traditional holidays, festivals and food – all of that induces people from almost every country to visit Germany and get acquainted with its inner life. The trip can be much efficient if the language knowledge is excellent.

Developed countries inhabitants have already realized the importance to learn German by now:

  1. Sixty eight per cent of Japanese students learn German for making profitable international business.
  2. Being a well up German translator is 70 per cent guarantee to get a well-paid job and a possibility to travel around the world. This percentage increases if a qualification is combined with sense of purpose and a great enthusiasm.
  3. Germany is a leader of world’s export. Most European countries import its best products considering them competitive. In a trading business the person able to translate from German sure to become the top-manager’s right-hand man.

Ability to translate to German and speak it freely is the most preferable variant for everyone today.

Published by Sergey Ermilov

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