Prototype of the floating house

Published on 15, Sep 2016

In big cities decreases the free space for construction of new houses. Houses on water can become alternative of houses on the land.

The Polish-English firm “Floatinghouses” constructed a tremendous prototype of the floating house which will be able to use the capacity of the rivers, lakes and artificial reservoirs. Such house can become not only the dwelling, but also office, and an entertaining institution.

Prototype of the floating house

Let’s glance in this futuristic house on water. Quite perhaps, in the near future, especially if forecasts of ecologists will come true and the thawing glaciers will fill in big land areas, such houses on water will become our only rescue, as Noah’s Ark.

The house of black-and-white color under the name “floodule” moored to the coast from outside doesn’t look as the typical building. The project of this unusual floating house was developed by Of course, if you prefer to go firmly by land, with the project of the house it is better for you to address to architectural studio Terra 3D.

The floating house, which area makes 80 square meters, differs in ultramodern design and an innovative interior. In this house it is possible to feel as in the sci-fi movie.

One wall of the house which is from water, completely glass.

Indoors developers consistently used simple forms with the rounded-off corners. Interior design corresponds to its external form.

Light gets to the house through round and oval openings which are some kind of small windows.

Inside the floating house represents the open studio apartment with kitchen and the dining room, of 60 square meters.

In the house there is also 12-meter bathroom with a jacuzzi.

Doors from inhabited part of the house come to the staircase conducting on a roof on which there is a 80-meter terrace.

In kitchen there is a refrigerator, the dishwasher, an induction plate, an extract. All equipment is hidden in esthetic niches and cases.

The bedroom overlooking water can be separated from a drawing room by means of the falling blinds.

The house is lit by means of modern LED installation.

In the house floor heating was used. The electricity moves from pier. And water arrives by means of specially warming up hose which protects it from freezing.

In the house it is possible to enter on a floating ladder.

This modern power effective floating house built of combined modules on the basis of an epoxy laminate weighs only 15 tons and plunges on only 20 centimeters. How much this tremendous house costs?

So far it only prototype. But according to the co-owner of firm, Andrzej Vontorek, the cost of construction of the floating house without finishing begins from 4 thousand zloties (1070 dollars) for square meter.

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