7 Interesting Facts About Football (Soccer)

Published on 12, Aug 2016

Football (Soccer) – the most popular and mass sport in the world. It brings joy to millions of fans, the income of football clubs compete with the budgets of some countries, and the best known players eclipse the glory of politicians and TV stars.

7 Interesting Facts About Football (Soccer)

Of course, we could not go past the “World Day of football”, celebrated on 10 December and dedicated football next selection of facts.

1. Date of birth

The exact history of the origins of football is difficult to trace, because at different times and in different countries, there were quite a similar ball games. However, the modern version of football dates back to the XIX century, when among students of English colleges there was popular a game in which it was necessary to score a goal into the rival’s gate with feet or other parts of a body.

The first attempt to create uniform rules of Soccer was made in 1846.

Each college had its own rules, which is very complicated holding friendly matches. The first attempt to create uniform rules was made in 1846. Later, in 1855, was founded the first football club, “Sheffield”. In 1863, after lengthy negotiations, it was adopted by the rulebook of the Football Association of England, which can be considered as the date of birth of modern football.

2. Football or Soccer

In many English-speaking countries football is called the word “soccer”. This name came from the modified phrase “association football” (“football by rules of Association”).

That Football association of England about which we told in the previous point. As a rule, the name “soccer” is popular in those countries where have distribution and other types of football, for example Rugby, the American football and the Canadian football.

3. Made in Pakistan

The symbol of football is the ball. But not all fans of the sport know that 80% of professional soccer balls are made in Pakistan. This is not the most football country. On the border with India, there is a city Sialkot, factories which produced the best leather balls in the world.

Clock Tower in Sialkot city

4. The biggest score

The biggest score in the history of soccer was recorded in the Championship of Madagascar. The AS Adema club won in a decisive match against the Stade Olympique l’Emyrne team with the score 149-0.

The biggest score in history of Soccer: 149-0

And all the goals were scored in the players own net. The fact that the players of one team have taken offense at an unfair decision of the referee, in their opinion, and in a sign of protest began to score the ball into own net. By the end of the match almost managed to score a hundred and fifty, than became history.

5. The Real War

The popularity of football in Latin America, has no limits. Once football passion in this region is so tense that caused a war between El Salvador and Honduras. Due to a series of matches for reaching the final of the World Cup 1970 in El Salvador were beaten by Honduran football players and fans, burned the Honduran flag.

Then Honduras swept response wave of attacks on Salvadorans, including two vice-consuls. Many people were forced to flee the country. This led to the unfolding of a hot conflict between the two countries, which lasted six days and claimed the lives of several thousand people. The peace treaty was signed between the two countries is only 10 years after the end of the war.

6. Never lost to Brazil

And only the national team of Norway could resist to Brazilians. Incredibly, this is the only team that has never lost against Brazil of all to play.

In total, these teams have played four times. Norwegians won twice and twice reduced the match to a draw.

7. Mister Streaker

Typically, during a football match, players chase the ball on the field, and the audience watching it from the stands. However, there are some crazy characters who do not like such an order, and they also run out on the field, often in the nude.

Such people are called streaker, and the most known of them is Mark Roberts. He has over 300 appearances in various sports in the nude. One can only wonder how this man, one name which horrifies the security of stadiums, repeatedly manages to cheat them and still making his way to the football field.

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