7 drinks from Brazil, that you should to try there

Published on 20, Jul 2016

I have dug up seven most popular drinks of Brazil. Try these drinks and beat your thirst the Brazilian way. Brazilians are not only famous for their love of football, they are also famous for their love of food and drinks.

7 drinks from Brazil, that you should to try there

1. Vitamina de Abacate

Vitamina in Portuguese is a blended smoothie. This drink is quite famous in Brazil because they are very fond of avocado and consider it as a fruit. Avocado is used in this drink which is a well loved and famous fruit in Brazil. The recipe of Vitamina de Abacate is as follows.


– Avocado
– Sugar / As required
– Milk /As required


Take one avocado, cut it into pieces, and put it into the blender. Add sugar and milk into the blender and blend them. Pour the mixture into the glass. A Vitamina de Abacate is ready to be served.

2. Caipirinha Cocktail

Caipirinha cocktail is one of the most popular drinks of Brazil. Brazilians add cachaca in their drinks, which is a liquor and very common in Brazilian drinks. The drink recipe is as follows.


– Lime
– Cachaca
– Sugar
– Ice cubes


First wash the limes and dry. Remove the top and the bottom rind of lime. Cut the lime in half and remove the pith (center) part. Cut the halved limes into further small pieces (8 pieces). Place the lime pieces in the short and wide mouthed glass.

Add sugar as required and mash the limes with mashing sticks in the glass. Crush some ice cubes with the help of a hammer (meat tenderizer). Place crushed ice into the glass. Add some more sugar and cachaca over the ice. The Caipirinha cocktail is ready.

3. Suco de Caju

Suco de Caju is a famous Brazilian drink made from cashew nuts. The Brazilians like cashew nuts and use it in their drinks a lot. It is available in Brazilian grocery stores. It can also be prepared at home. Here is the recipe of the Suco de caju.


– Water / 1 litre
– Sugar / As required
– Cashews / 3


Put cashews and water in a blender. Blend them for at least 2 minutes. Pour the mixture in glass. Add sugar and serve.

4. Chimarrao

Chimarrao is a special tea which is drunk in social gatherings in Brazil. The tea is poured in a metal cup and passed to each other to have a sip with a straw. The Chimarrao is considered very healthy and believed to have the health benefits of Chinese green tea and natural caffeine. This drink is more common in the southern part of the country. Here is the recipe of the drink.


– Evra-mate plant leaves
– Water / As required


To make the Chimarrao tea, the evra-mate plant leaves are placed in the metal cup and hot water is poured into it. Avoid too hot or boiled water, as it may make the tea bitter.

5. Porradinha

Porradinha is a drink strictly for younger Brazilians. It has Cachaca, Brazilian rum. The students in Brazil are mostly seen sipping Porradinha. The method to prepare Porradinha is quite simple.

All you need is:

– Cachaca

– Sprite/Coca or any soft drink


Fill half a cup with Cachaca. Add small amount of sprite/cola or any other fizzy drink that you like. Cover the cup with your hands and lift it. The quantity of the drink will increase quickly so take fast sips and enjoy.

6. Guarana

Guarana is a popular soft drink of Brazil and an official sponsor of the Brazilian football team. It is quite delicious and refreshing produced from the Guarana fruit extracted from the Brazilian Amozon jungle. You can make your own Guarana drink by mixing Guarana naturale in your favorite smoothie, tea, coffee or cocktails. Here are some recipes to make your desired Gurana drink.

Guarana Tea:

Put teaspoon of Guarana natural in a cup and add boiling water over it. Then add tea bag, coffee, milk, sugar as required. It is ready to be served.

Guarana Smoothie:

Add just 1 teaspoon of Guarana naturale into your favorite smoothie. Mix them well and serve.

Guarana Juice:

Add 1 teaspoon of Guarana naturale to your favorite glass of juice. Mix, drink and enjoy.

7. Caldo de Cana

Caldo de Cana is the juice extracted from sugar cane. It is very common in Brazil in the summer season and available almost on every street. To make a variation, a lime or pineapple is also added for a flavor. Give it a try and taste the true essence of Brazil with this popular street drink.

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