All the details of Hela’s helmet from the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”

Published on 17, Jan 2018

It is difficult to answer unequivocally, is Hela’s helmet somewhat like a protective ammunition, or still a banal headdress. Tested tried to figure this out.

The heroine Cate Blanchett, the goddess of death, visually seemed to have grown together with this detail of the image. As it turned out, this was the real idea of ​​the creators of the film. The helmet was to harmoniously unite with the body of the goddess.
And for this, Kate’s real data was taken, after which the helmet and horns themselves were made by means of 3D printing, and then exclusively assembled into a single whole manually.

The lead designer of Ironhead Studios, José Hernández, shares his experience in creating the headdress and the features of the entire work process.

Published by Sergey Ermilov

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