In which countries does women live better and why?

Published on 04, Feb 2018

Within the big research the scientists have tried to rank the states that are most favorable and comfortable for women.

In rating five key indicators were considered: care of human rights, gender equality, equality of income, safety and progressiveness. That’s what they got in the end!

1. Denmark

Denmark deservedly receives a gold medal when it comes to the best places for women to live. In this country the most developed and flexible policy of supporting parents and caring for children.

Danes receive 100% of paid maternity leave at the birth of a child of 52 weeks, and even a father receives two weeks of paid leave! In addition, all families have access to free kindergartens.

2. Sweden

Sweden is doing everything to ensure that the problem of gender inequality in this country has never arisen. Half of the Swedish parliament consists of women politicians, and training against sexism begins already in the kindergarten. Education is free for all, and women often outperform men in academic achievement.

3. Canada

Gender inequality is almost imperceptible here, because Canada has made the protection of women’s rights a priority of domestic policy. Also in Canada, a traditionally very powerful health care system, a loyal labor code and first-class security. Canadian women are accustomed to taking care of contraception on their own, and 33% of federal judges are ladies.

4. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for caring for women, excellent health care, a strong education system, sound domestic policies and a robust economy. They also provide young mothers with many benefits, for example, pregnancy management and childbirth are fully covered by health insurance.

5. Australia

Recently in Australia, women have taken an absolute majority of leadership positions in public universities and even government! Moreover, in general, they make up almost half of the total working population of Australia. Therefore, women in Australia have nothing to worry about.

6. New Zealand

Researches have shown that more than a half of 100 largest local companies have at least one female director. In addition, New Zealand can boast of outstanding socio-economic indicators and the most transparent labor code.

7. Germany

Undoubted advantage of Germany is the highest level of medicine development and the most powerful economy. The Germans do not suffer from gender inequality, because even at the helm of the country is a woman!

Published by Sergey Ermilov

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