6 Ways to Spend Time Productively on the Way to Work

Published on 01, Aug 2017

If you spend morning time on the road with pleasure and benefit, the whole working day will be more productive.


6 Ways to Spend Time Productively on the Way to Work

Listen to something inspiring

Podcasts or audiobooks, favorite music or radio – find something that improves your mood and then you may freely start working. If your activity is something about creativity, look for the sources of inspiration within it.

Whatever you choose, the pleasurable time on the road will become a guarantee of a productive day.

Outline drafts of emails

Many do not respond to emails from the phone, limiting themselves to 1-2 sentences in extreme cases. Try to write drafts on the way to work.

Thus you will have time for thinking and clearly express the things you wanted to say. As for the typos you can correct them when you arrive at work.

Write down your achievements

In the constant cycle of affairs we really often forget about our small victories. Then it looks like we have not got anything in the day.

Recollect what you managed to do yesterday, which small achievements you were pleased with, and write them down. This will motivate you to new achievements.

Read company news

During the day we often do not have a moment to read the company’s internal documents or mailings from other departments, so why not do it in transport?

If it is more interesting and appropriate for you to listen to it, install the application that spell the emails.

Make a list of main activities

Who do you need to be in contact with today? What deserves attention at first? Which activities can wait? A pre-compiled list of activities will save important time and nerves during the working day. When you are at the work place, you can concentrate at once on the firstly pointed activity on the list.

If you are driving, use the applications which make you able to dictate such a list.

Give yourself worries

If the upcoming day causes stress and anxiety (and a long road only worsens your condition), take 5-10 minutes just to worry a little bit. Thus only you will control the anxiety. Let it cover you completely, and when the time is over, do something else.

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