6 rules of a healthy lifestyle for night owls

Published on 30, Jul 2017

To be a person of night — means not to get enough sleep, almost not to see the sun and people. If all points seem relatives and acquaintances, then these councils just for you.


6 rules of a healthy lifestyle for night owls

To sleep not less than seven hours a day

Such problems as decrease in immunity or absent-mindedness, arise not because you go to bed late but because you don’t get enough sleep.

To night owls, as well as all rest, it is daily necessary to sleep for 7–8 hours.

If you want to keep health and at the same time are forced to get up early, options only two: or to change an operating schedule, or to learn to lay down earlier, it is kind of serious was.

To receive as much as possible light

People who go to bed late and get up late, almost don’t see sunlight. And it is fraught with deterioration in mood or even a depression.

The easiest way to keep a positive spirit — to begin day with half-hour walk on the street. Other option — to get a fluorescent lamp which will help to fill the shortage of this light in the evening.

Besides, the combination early (as far as it is possible) sunlight doses with the minimum use artificial is capable to adjust a rhythm at night. If, of course, you want to become slightly a morning lark.

To control night appetite

Night owls are inclined to late and dense dinners, and it isn’t really useful. Evening Chronotype Is Associated With Metabolic Disorders and Body Composition in Middle-Aged Adults is already proved., that the people leading a nocturnalism suffer from the excess weight and Diabetum more often.

Whether it means that you have to starve almost? Of course, no. But at night try to eat only light meals and only in case you feel real hunger.

To find time for physical activities

As the specialist in studying of a dream Michael Grandner notes, night-birds are more subject to cardiovascular diseases. It is possible because their rhythm is desynchronized with natural — from here additional tension on an organism.

Regular trainings — a good way to maintain health of heart.

It is important to night owls to choose correctly for them time: day and evening — the successful moments for a campaign to the gym, and here intensive exercises threaten with later withdrawal for sleeping at night.

However, jog or a session of yoga will only help to fall asleep quicker. So experiment with the schedule and find that late time when you are still rather vigorous for such occupations.

To make communication the priority

Common problem of night owls, especially those who work far off — the shortage of social interaction. Considering that the loneliness can bring closer death of Loneliness and Social Isolation as Risk Factors for Mortality., problem this very serious.

Decisions here a little. First, whenever possible visit all parties with friends. Secondly, find the company which meets in the evening (reader’s club for night-birds why isn’t present?). Thirdly, work in public places (cafe or co-workings) if you the freelancer or the remote worker.

To go to bed, feeling fatigue

This rule is applicable to all, but it is especially important for night owls. They specially try to fall asleep a bit earlier if they want to be in time on morning flight or a meeting. And “a bit earlier” in this case means it “is impossible”.

Attempt to fall asleep, without feeling fatigue, only strengthens insomnia: the more time you turn in a bed, the more brain connects it with wakefulness, but not with a dream.

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