6 myths about men’s behavior

Published on 28, Jul 2017

All things are in a flux and only stereotypes are here to stay. “Man must this…”, “Machos always do that…” – we are waiting that other people will be up to some samples. Lifehacker knows the myths which prejudice the man’s happiness.


6 myths about men’s behavior

Myth: a real man is a breadwinner

A man has to be a leader in the hunting field and in the race for quarterly bonus. While a poor women has to be only in the kitchen and doesn’t have to deal with money matters. What should they do if a woman chooses to build a career and a man prefers to do household chores?

Reality: masculinity is not determined by the income level

Masculinity is not determined by abilities like wheel changing, repair skills or organization of the vacation. When you are a couple, you make decisions together. Household chores may be as difficult as office work. Then, who is a real man?

Myth: a real man does not feel pain

Men don’t experience mental and physical pain. They take their lumps with a smile on their faces. They receive the news about parting with their girlfriends with great acclaim – it means the green light for having a ball.

Reality: pain threshold is affected by different factors

There’re genetic predispositions, general state of health, stress level. Men bear physical pain easier because of the testosterone impact. However, women’s estrogen can raise the pain threshold when situation comes to the crunch.

Bear in mind today’s opportunities of going in for sports. Today some women are in the better physical form than a lot of men. If we talk about mental pain, it’s a personal factor which is not depended on sex.

Myth: machos never cry

There are limited situations when men cry. For instance, when they carve onions or the smoke causes their eyes to smart. In other situations machos do not cry.

Reality: men can cry

Men as well as women have tear glands for cleaning eyes with tears. However, men are brought up differently. From early ages they are told to be strong and to give no sign of their emotions.

Myth: real men do not need anyone

For man only himself, his lone den, maybe, his faithful dog matter.

Real man doesn’t like talking, he doesn’t need company. There are women in his house but only for housekeeping: a laundry, a cleaning, and a cooking – not more than that.

Reality: men like to be in the company

Man even sleeps better if there is a woman beside him. Scientists say that married men live longer than bachelors. Women take care of partners’ health and fight against their harmful habits. Gathering, hunting and fishing travels have been invented by men because they adore being with friends.

Myth: macho doesn’t bend to woman’s will

He can follow the instructions made only by other man. Bending to woman’s will is a destiny of wimps.

Reality: the sex of the boss doesn’t matter

There are some advantages when the boss is a man. But women may also be successful bosses. Women compromise frequently, consider pieces of advice and have more pliant mind. To be ruled by such women is a pure pleasure.

Myth: real man is a perfect lover

The Sex League is opened only for champions. You have to have no less than 18 centimeters and a long tongue; otherwise, you are at a loose end. Macho knows sex and can satisfy any woman even with a glance.

Reality: experience matters

When men burn, they don’t have the sex manual in their head as well as women. To become a good lover a person has to be clever and attentive to his or her partner.

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