20 unexpected things you can put into the microwave

Published on 03, Sep 2017

If you think that you can only warm up in a microwave oven and cook simple meals, then you are mistaken. This device is indispensable in everyday life.

20 unexpected things you can put into the microwave

1. Adhesive tape or tape

Polypropylene ribbons become coarser and lose stickiness over time. But don’t rush to throw them away. Send tape or adhesive tape for 30 seconds to a microwave oven (power 800-1 000 W).

2. Sponge for washing dishes

If the sponge is still strong but has got an unpleasant smell, disinfect it in the microwave oven. In a minute the microwaves will kill all the germs in the foam.

Power can be set in the range from 600 to 1 000 W. For greater effect, put the sponge in a bowl of water with 2-3 drops of vinegar or lemon juice.

3. Cutting board

After cutting fish or meat, the board, especially wooden, should be disinfected. To do this, grate it with a slice of lemon and send it to the microwave for 10-20 seconds at a power of 500-800 W.

4. Glass jars

To pickle cucumbers and make other preparations for the winter, the jars must be sterilized. Usually, it is done over a kettle or a pot of water. But it’s much faster and more convenient to sterilize glass containers in a microwave oven.

To do this, pour water into a bottom of a jar, set the power at least 800 W and wait 3-5 minutes. It’s important that the water was boiled, and the walls of the vessel were covered with “sweat”.

5. White cabbage

Our site has already told how to make delicious and juicy cabbage rolls. In this case, cabbage leaves don’t necessarily boil on the stove.

Cut the shank — this will allow then to easily separate the sheets. At the bottom of a wide plate, pour the water and put the head. Send all this into the microwave for 10 minutes if the cabbage is fresh, or 20 if the cabbage is wintery and stiff. Power — from 1 000 W. With increasing power, the time can be shortened.

After 10 minutes, remove the first layer of sheets and repeat the procedure. To disassemble the cabbage completely, you will need two or three rounds — depending on its size.

6. Fresh tomatoes

The blanching tomatoes are also quite a troublesome thing. You need to boil the water, dip the incised vegetables into it and put them in cold water in time so that they don’t have time to cook.

Using a microwave oven, peel off the tomatoes in 10-15 seconds. Choose an average power — from 400 to 700 W.

7. Sugared honey

The more glucose in the honey and less fructose, the faster it’s candied. But the process of crystallization is reversible: put a jar of honey for a couple of minutes in the microwave. Set the power in the range of 800 W. This only works with natural, not fake honey.

8. Depilation wax

By the same principle, you can melt the depilation wax. Usually, you do it a water bath or put the jar on a battery. But with a microwave, it’s faster and easier.

9. Soil for seedlings and domestic plants

With the help of a microwave oven it’s possible to heat the earth (both garden and purchased) and thereby prepare it for planting.

To do this, the soil must be laid in a container suitable for a microwave, and pour a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Choose the maximum possible power for your device and a time of at least 2 minutes.

10. Soap

Don’t confuse with YouTube experiments with whole soaps without using water!

From the remnants of shop soap, you can do a homemade. For this, grind the grindings on a grater or chop with a knife. Scatter the resulting crumb on silicone molds. You can add a few drops of essential oil to give the future soap the desired flavor.

In each form, pour in 1-2 tablespoons of water (depending on the size of the form) and send them for 2-3 minutes in a microwave oven. Power — from 800 W. It’s necessary that the soap was melted, but didn’t boil. Let the soap freeze after this and remove the new pieces from the molds.

11. Mascara

Favorite mascara almost doesn’t paint and crumbles from eyelashes? Don’t be upset! Usually, it’s not used until the end, but simply withers.

There are two ways to give mascara a second life with a microwave.

Place the closed tube in the oven for 10 seconds, power — 500-800 W. Attention! On the tube there should be no metal impregnations, otherwise, it will explode.

Remove the brush and place in a microwave oven an open tube and a glass of water for 5-10 seconds (the same power).

12. Envelope with a stamp

Collecting stamps or simply stuck the stamp on the wrong envelope? This is fixable. To gently unstick the stamp, place the envelope in a microwave for 10 seconds. Set the power of 400-600 W.

13. Garlic

To peel a garlic is a pretty tedious business. The cloves are small, and these thin films always stick to the knife and fingers. But if you send the head for 20 seconds to the microwave before peeling (at a power of about 500 W), the garlic will literally jump out of the rind itself.

14. Onion

Another life hack in a piggy bank called “How to cut an onion without tears.” Send the cleaned bulb to a microwave oven for 10-20 seconds at a power of 600-800 W.

Microwave radiation destroys the corrosive compounds contained in onion juice, and you can safely chop the onion.

15. Citrus fruits

To juice of lemon, orange or grapefruit easier squeeze cut the fruit in half and send to a microwave for 20-30 seconds (average power — 400-600 W). Under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, citrus membranes are destroyed, and the juice is squeezed out easily.

16. Fresh greens

A great way to store basil, parsley, dill, mint and other herbs for the winter is to dry them. And if you don’t have a special dryer, use a microwave.

Spread the washed and dried greens on a paper towel. Place another one and send it to the microwave. Drain greens with twenty-second phases at the maximum power of the device, until they become brittle. As a rule, one batch is dried for about a minute. At the end, shift the greens into glass containers with sealed lids.

17. Spices

With prolonged storage, loose spices lose flavor. Especially if there were temperature and humidity changes, and the packaging wasn’t hermetically sealed. Warm up the spices in a microwave for 10-15 seconds at a power of at least 800 W to return them an appetizing smell.

18. Stale bread

Don’t rush out the stale pastries. Wet and carefully press the paper towel. Wrap dried pieces of bread or buns with the towel and send to a microwave for 10-15 seconds. Use the maximum power mode of your device.

You can also “update” yesterday’s piece of pizza or pie.

19. Beans

The beans are delicious and healthy, but very long to prepare. Accelerate the process by soaking them in a microwave oven.

Pour the beans with water, add a pinch of soda and send to the microwave for 7-10 minutes. Power should be high — from 1 000 W. If your device doesn’t support these modes, cover the bowl with beans with a special microwave cover and increase the time.

20. Milk for a coffee foam

In latte and cappuccino, the most delicious are milky foam. To heat the milk for these drinks and whip the foam, pour the milk into a glass jar, shake it vigorously for half a minute and send it for 30-60 seconds into the microwave. Power set at around 500 W. When the microwave beeps, pour the milk over the cups of coffee and lay a foam on top with a spoon.

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