101 thing that is worth to do in your life

Published on 08, Nov 2017

For several years now I have been completely delighted with the idea of creating a list of cases that I would like to try in my life. If anyone does not understand what I’m talking about, I recommend watching a wonderful movie “The Bucket List”.

The essence of this idea is simple – to create a list of goals, desires, ideas and the most crazy dreams that you would like to achieve. An experience that you would be interested in experiencing during the time allotted on Earth.

101 thing that is worth to do in your life

Why do you need a list

Think about the last few years of your life. One of my good friends somehow correctly noticed that we identify ourselves with our place of work and increasingly say WE – “we bought a quarry in South America”, “we bought 5 helicopters and 10 Mercedes”, “we increased revenues by 100 million dollars “and so on. But when you go deeper, you realize that no one went further than their country, I saw the helicopter only in the air, and the maximum amount of money that I held in my hands was 1000 dollars of salary.

It’s time to understand that there is an “I” who wants to jump with a parachute, to go around the whole globe and do a dozen different nonsense, which is embarrassing to tell. Remember yourself tired, but happy when you realized something important.

You experience the bright moments of your life in your head hundreds of times. And now imagine that you have a LIST of 100 items and you have given your word every year to implement about 3-5 items from this list. Just think how much happier you will become, how much new you will learn, how the psychological situation in the family will change. It will be just cool!

What to do in life

Everything is extremely simple and takes no more than 10-15 minutes for one brainstorm. Personally, I created a document on my desktop computer, in which I record my dreams and desires with a certain periodicity. I try to understand what I want and how much happier I will become.

In order to simplify the task of creating your list, I recommend you
answer the following questions:

– What would happen if you passed away tomorrow? What of the most important thing would you like to do in this case today?
– What would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources?
– What countries and places would you like to visit?
– What feelings would you like to experience?
– What moments in life would you like to experience or see?
– What would be the most important thing in your personal scale of values?
– What craft would you like to learn?
– Who would you like to meet in person?
– What would you like to achieve in different spheres of your life (social, family, physical, spiritual)?

Address these questions as many times as necessary to form your personal wish list. Spend as much time as you need. Read the following list for further inspiration.

101 thing you can take into account in creating your list of tasks for life

1. Drive around the globe
2. Study a new language
3. Try a new profession in the perfect unfamiliar sphere for you
4. Achieve your ideal weight
5. Run the marathon
6. Take part in the triathlon
7. Do something new. Here are a few examples:
– Technical sports: archery, golf, bowling, skating, figure skating
– Water sports: kayaking, rafting, wakeboarding, diving, yachting, swimming
8. Go to the mountains and ski
9. Learn how to ride
10. Get rid of work that you hate
11. Follow your dream
12. Take care of your business by doing what you love
13. Achieve financial independence through your passion
14. Contact the teachers from your past life (school, institute) and thank them for making a huge impact on your life
15. Find out who inspired you most and thank him / her for it
16. Become a mentor for someone who needs it
17. Learn how to play a strategic game on your computer
18. Try yourself in extreme sports – jumping from the bridge, skydiving, skydiving, etc.
19. Ascend the mountain
20. Make a big surprise for someone
21. Do something significant and important in someone’s life
22. Do good for 5 strangers, without expecting or receiving anything in return
23. Write a book about something important to you
24. Travel in a hot air balloon
25. Sing your favorite song for a large audience
26. Try yourself in a volunteer program
27. Make friends with at least 5 strangers on the street
28. Meet the Dawn
29. Meet the sunset
30. Look at the northern lights
31. Become a witness of the eclipse of the sun
32. Sleep on the grass during the stargazing
33. Plant your own tree and see how it grows.
34. Get a pet for yourself
35. Make a speech in front of a large audience
36. Write a letter to your closest friends and admit how important they are to you.
37. Make a mega party
38. Change your style completely (hair, clothes, makeup)
39. Learn to appreciate the taste of wine
40. Visit a course of etiquette
41. Become a matchmaker – introduce friends and acquaintances to each other
42. Go on a blind date
43. Enter the university and completely radically change the specialty
44. Learn to play a musical instrument (piano, violin, guitar)
45. Win in a dispute over money
46. Visit dance lessons (tango, ballroom, salsa)
47. Take up the creation of art objects
48. Hitchhike
49. Travel with a backpack for several weeks to unfamiliar places and cities
50. Spag your stuff and head off in an unknown direction for a couple of days.
51. Swim with dolphins
52. Live in another country for several months
53. Make a movie
54. Take part in a project on TV
55. Tie the Scarf
56. Create the house of your dreams
57. Prepare the most delicious food in your life for your relatives
58. Bake a cake for someone special
59. Live a few days in the forest
60. Visit the desert
61. Live 4 seasons in 4 different countries
62. Read a book on a topic that you never were interested in.
63. Become a volunteer in a hospital or nursing home
64. Launch the kite
65. Stay in a haystack
66. Call customer support (internet, water delivery, taxi) and thank for their work
67. Try to be a veggie for a month
68. Try to be a veg
69. Try a raw food diet
70. Make a few origami figures and give them to strangers
71. Curb your greatest fear
72. Travel by sea
73. Tell your 10 friends and acquaintances about your list and encourage them to create the same
75. Experience the possibilities of meditation
76. Take part in some socially important movement
77. Visit Japan during the cherry blossom
78. Bury the ax of war with all those with whom you quarreled in the past
79. Organize a picnic
80. Do something completely crazy and unlike you
81. Travel first class
82. Hit the top ten with a dart in darts
83. Visit the volcano
84. Fly by helicopter
85. Dine with someone you just dreamed of being together
86. Tell your parents that you love them.
87. Take a cruise
88. Try to be a waiter for a month
89. Fall in love (better not just again)
90. Be in love a long time
91. Organize the most romantic date of your dream
92. Visit the castle in Scotland
93. Change the world
94. Help someone in need
95. Learn the Sign Language
96. Look at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
97. Take part in a costume party
98. Win in some competition
99. Learn how to wake up at 5am
100. Have at least three children
101. Enjoy your Life!

In moments when you will be bored and routine will tighten up – do something from your list and you will fill your life with vivid impressions and remind yourself that “I” is much more important than “WE”.

Published by Sergey Ermilov

Editor in chief and author of the Picaster.com. Traveller, blogger, designer etc. Living all around the World, share the best experience.