10 things that are never worth saving

Published on 03, Sep 2017

Do you buy cheap things and think that you manage your budget profitably? I have bad news for you. I don’t want to say that cheaply isn’t good, just sometimes it’s worth to pay a little more.

Each of us strives to make a shopping profitable and for a little money get the highest quality, but sometimes you shouldn’t be guided by a low price. If a thing quickly fails, if for a good result it’s necessary to use a larger quantity of the product, if the damage from the lousy quality exceeds the gain from the acquisition — this is it.

It’s better to choose a more expensive product but to save by buying it on sale than to suffer from the initially cheap analogs. Here is a list of 10 things that it’s better not to save — they justify their price with a vengeance.

10 things that are never worth saving

Toilet paper

In contrast to the thick expensive toilet paper, penny copies are usually quite thin, so they have to be folded several times for comfortable use. The roll ends quicker, and the savings turn out to be very doubtful because stocks have to replenish quite often.

The same story with paper towels: the cheap ones literally spread in your hands, forcing you to unwind and buy more and more new rolls. Well, the notorious softness isn’t advertising promises. Hardly anyone really likes to use for such delicate issues a toilet paper, reminiscent of a piece of a sandpaper.


For an excellent well-being is a very important quality of sleep, so everything that can provide us a quiet night, definitely deserves an acquisition — even if with an overpayment. The price, of course, isn’t always directly dependent on quality, but sleeping on a cheap bedding, made unclear from what is a dubious pleasure.

It’s enough to endure it if a mattress becomes the cause of insomnia and back pain — any pain, for that matter.


Painting walls isn’t a fun thing: very few people want to spend too much time on this. A cheap paint has so-so cover power, so with a smooth application, you will have to busy much longer.

However, all efforts will soon be destroyed, because the budget options can’t boast of resistance. Expensive paint is free from these drawbacks, and yet it usually contains less volatile organic compounds. Once the layer has dried, you can enter the room without fear of breathing in all sorts of nastiness.


For motorists, this is a serious expense item, especially when it comes to choosing “shoes” for an off-roader. The temptation to save is very high but consider your safety.

In order to travel doesn’t turn into a headache, buy tires from reliable manufacturers that meet all the necessary technical specifications.

Winter shoes

Cheap winter shoes or boots are laughter through tears. Even if they are declared as waterproof, a few walks on snow or mud will put everything in its place. Choose high-quality shoes, even if initially they will be quite expensive — you can always save by purchasing it at off-season sales.

Yes, it takes a little more time to search and you need to worry about the issue in advance, but it happens every few years, not every fall. Really a good pair of shoes will last for many years, and the cost per one way out from the house will be lower than that of cheap boots. For them, in general, for happiness to stretch at least a season in a more or less decent form.


Regular visits to a doctor and periodic examinations can save an impressive amount of money on treatment, but the problem is that many of the necessary procedures cost money. The voluntary health insurance program that meets your needs will save the family budget from catastrophe, especially if something unexpected happens.

The same applies to home insurance. No matter how careful you are, absolutely everything can’t be envisaged, so it’s more reasonable to take care of damages in advance.


A good knife is the main tool in a kitchen. Practice shows that inexpensive specimens behave appropriately. It’s from the field of fiction to thinly cut with their help a tomato or onions. But you can inadvertently cut the finger, for some reason a cheap cutter perfectly cope with this.

When buying, pay attention to the fact that the knife must comfortable lie in your hand, be well balanced and had enough weight to cope, for example, with chicken bones. Immediately warn: such a knife is unlikely to surprise with a low price. If the budget is limited, you can buy a universal 20-centimeter chef, it will serve you faithfully for a long time.

Dishwashing liquid

Budget representatives of this family usually contain a lot of water and a little washing base. It turns out, that they need to be poured from the bottom of your heart for a decent result.

The product quickly ends, and we run to the store for a new bottle, although not much time has passed since the previous one was purchased. How about choosing the good household chemistry and paying a little more, but much less often?


Cheap tools are mostly suitable only for a one-time use: you bought them, applied, threw out and forgot about the money spent. Of course, there are things to which this rule doesn’t apply: for example, the simplest building level itself is a fairly budgetary thing.

A set of screwdrivers, a hammer or a drill will be used on the farm quite often, so here it isn’t necessary to save on them. Qualitative tools will perfectly cope with their tasks and will be inherited by your children and grandchildren.


“Life is too short to eat bad chocolate,” “Less, but better” -— follow these rules. From a couple of pieces of expensive chocolate, the pleasure will be more than from the whole tile of chocolate-like substance.

Can you complete this list? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Published by Sergey Ermilov

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