Thanks to this, people live together for decades: 10 reasons we forgot about

Published on 27, Oct 2017

Have you ever met an elderly couple who looks like a pair of young lovers? In this article, we will tell you about the secrets that help them maintain relationships for many years.

When I see two 70-year-old people who walk hand in hand, my heart is filled with warmth. Do they have some sort of secret formula, thanks to which their love could withstand so much?

Most happy couples have the reasons why they have been together all these years. Too many of us have forgotten about these reasons today.

Well, let’s remember.

1. They have common interests, and they are in constant search of things that can interest them both

Common interests are what brings people together. And happy couples are aimed at finding even more classes and topics for conversations that will be of interest to both.

Common interests and hobbies should not be something of a fantasy field. Sometimes it’s enough that both of you like to watch an evening movie in an embrace.

Remember, common interests, the feeling that there is a person with you who understands you – this is what once attracted you to your partner. And now what? And now you’re too busy to look for something that two of you might like.

If you continue the relationship not as a pair of like-minded people who constantly want to learn from each other, share their interests and look for something in common, but as two different people who do not understand why they are together – it’s unlikely that in a few years someone will say that you have a formula for a happy relationship.

2. They go to bed together every night

The time before going to bed is the most precious, as at this time you can share your feelings with a loved one and get support from him.

Many couples today live on their own schedule and forget about how important it is to spend time with each other. Even in the evening, instead of being close to your loved one, you sit with your nose in the TV, and watch another comic comedy. It’s better to watch this film with your wife / husband, embracing under a blanket, of course. Do not forget how we all need human warmth and affection.

3. They never go to bed, harboring resentment against each other

Happy couples say that this is one of the main rules. Interviews with people who are married for 50-60 years, prove that this is not just a bored cliché – morality is much deeper.

If you quarreled, argued, angered each other and at the same time go to bed, without finding out the relationship and not figuring out the causes and consequences, then in one evening you can destroy what you built for years.

Talk to each other frankly, speak out and listen to your partner. Find a compromise and do not forget to tell your second half that you love and respect her / him, despite all the disagreements, quarrels, resentments and omissions that you will have to go through.

Today, many couples ignore this simple rule and go to sleep, without finding out the relationship and harboring resentment in the heart. If this happens all the time, then this is the first signal that you are destroying your own happiness with your own hands.

4. They hug and kiss each other at the beginning and end of the day

Happy couples say that they start their day with hugs and kisses and finish the same way. Psychologists suppose that due to this, both partners develop a sense of attachment to each other, they improve their mood, they start trusting each other and feel safe.

Very often modern couples forget about the importance of embraces. Everyone is so busy with their affairs-problems-cares that they do not even remember that today they have never kissed their loved one. The lack of closeness ultimately leads to a relationship to collapse.

5. They trust each other

Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship. When you are confident in your partner, you can rely on him, you know that he will always come to your aid when you need it most.

Today, judging by everything, mistrust and constant suspicions are an invariable part of any modern relations. If this continues, then such a relationship will not only bring you happiness, but also make you a restless paranoid.

6. They say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry”

Happy couples always focus on positive, not negative aspects.

They do not regret. They thank.

Today, very many people like to point out the other to their shortcomings, while forgetting that they themselves are also far from ideal. And people who really love each other, are ready to put up with shortcomings. Instead of thinking about the disadvantages, focus on the pros of your partner, because they certainly have it.

7. They rejoice at each other’s successes

In happy pairs there is no concept of “your – mine”, they have everything in common – both joys and sorrows. They help each other constantly move forward, inspire each other to new achievements.

Relationships – this is not a game of one person, but a process in which you must constantly support your partner.

8. They continue to make nice little things for each other

Sometimes in relationships, even small things mean a lot. Happy couples even after many years continue to do these little things for each other: leave notes with the simplest and most pleasant phrase “I love you” or can walk a dog if they see that their loved one is too tired for this.

Today we forgot about how important the little things in the relationship. But these little things often help us feel that we are loved and taken care of.

9. They respect each other’s feelings

This does not mean that they always and in all agree with each other, but in any situation they respect the feelings of the other.

The usual, it would seem, phrase “I understand what you are feeling” can become magical and stop at the root of many misunderstandings and disagreements.

For many couples, attitudes are tug-of-war: everyone wants to defend their opinion at any cost and does not want to listen to another. What do you think will come out of such a union? That’s right, nothing.

10. They do not forget the importance of a sense of humor

A sense of humor helps happy couples get out of awkward situations and it’s easier to look at the world.

There are already a lot of people thinking about how important humor is in relations, even annual conferences are held on this topic.

But today many modern couples confuse humor with sarcasm. Going to extremes, you can offend your partner, even if you do not want to.

Published by Sergey Ermilov

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