Maybe there is a universal remedy that will help to feel full of strength again?


Recently, Psy released a video for the song "New Face".

Within the big research the scientists have tried to rank the states that are most favorable and comfortable for women.

If you consider yourself unhappy because you spend several hours in a traffic jam, then this video will help to understand that you are deeply mistaken in your reasoning.

An amazing performance was demonstrated by the circus "Rigolo" performer Mädir Eugster.

Teddy bear is trying to catch fish for the first time. But he forgot to say that bears catch fish by other methods.

The popular scientific series Mega Machines devoted its next episode to the world's largest cargo aircraft.

If you've already watched the second season of the sci-fi series from Netflix, then for sure you remember Halloween, where the actual movie characters of that time were most vividly displayed.

Before the circus performances, the mechanical humanoid Atlas is still far away. However, the company's engineers have already managed to teach him to do a somersault, and, without any kind of safety.

It is difficult to answer unequivocally, is Hela's helmet somewhat like a protective ammunition, or still a banal headdress.

Indy-film studio Tryangle Films on its own YouTube channel published a feature-length feature film, based on the story of Tom Riddle.

In a new clip for the Obsession song, 567 color printers were used, which worked completely synchronized.

According to the SteatSpy, the survival game from the Bluehole studio, which beat last year record for the record, set a new, no less significant.

Finnish experts from the Center for Technical Studies presented the original development of an autopilot, which was given the name Martti.

If for you celebration of New Year wasn't something grandiose, you can be glad for those who at this moment were in the United Arab Emirates.

In order to shoot an interesting video, you need a high-quality video camera, a good set of LEGO and the ability to use a stop motion.

Benjamin and Isaac Botkin are two brothers who know a lot about special effects.

Things just work a little differently in Russia. You might find some of these images shocking. But for Russians? They’re no big deal.