Welcome to Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the youngest countries in the world. Independence from Serbia, Montenegro received in 2006. With confidence we can say that the state is benefited – from the depressed region of Yugoslavia, Montenegro has become the largest resort in the world, with a very attractive investment climate. That is confirmed by our compatriots, buying up apartments and villas in this amazing country.

Wrangel Island in Russia Wrangel Island actually unites two islands in water areas of the Chukchi Sea - Wrangel and Gerald. These lands are reserved and it's difficult to appr...
Blue Cave (Plava Spilja) in Montenegro Blue Cave, or Montenegrin "Plava Spilja", is an amazing natural attraction in Montenegro and one of the most beautiful and largest caves in the territ...
Zabljak: ski resort for active recreation in Montenegro Zabljak is the ski resort intended generally for active recreation. So tourists, preferring an idle pastime, it is better to choose a different route....
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