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Epic crash of new Mclaren 650S Spider supercar. Just 10 minutes driving enough for motorist from the British Essex to crash his long-awaited purchase - a supercar McClaren 650S Spider.

Author of almost all photos is Beth Mancuso. I do not know the author of photo with a girl .

Many people know what the colors Holi. It's colored powders, which help arrange colorful battles on spring festival in India.

In 1884 in Chicago began construction of the first skyscraper. It was as much as 10 floors! However, in the beginning of the next century 10-storey building, it was no surprise, and the construction of skyscrapers in America moved to new York.

101-Year-old Woman Enjoys Making Snowballs Just Like a Kid

This centenarian transformed into a little girl as soon as she stood out in the snow again–just like old times.