How to carry the furniture

I would buy such jacket :)

Astronomer shows the result of "observations" in practice

Our planet is more beautiful than most of us can imagine. We collected 20 pictures that prove that the nature has a good imagination.

A teenage girl 14-15 years old, which sacrificed about 500 years ago, all ages past have lain in the ice on top of a mountain with a height of 20000 feet.

A selection of photos, which is exactly the phrase you have in your head What the hell is going on here?!

10 Incredible Military Photos Taken at Just the Right Time

25 Incredible Military Photos Taken at Just the Right Time. Feast your eyes on one of the most amazing military photo compilations on the internet.

Fire tornados are rare natural whirlwinds that occur when the flames from forest fires combine with strong swirling winds.

Attacus Atlas are considered to be the largest moth in the world and even caterpillars can grow nearly five inches in length!

We live in an age of miracles and wonders. Sometimes, anyway. From a Million Miles: The Moon Crossing the Face of Earth.