I would buy such jacket :)

Funny citties

Many people know what the colors Holi. It's colored powders, which help arrange colorful battles on spring festival in India.

It is believed that children at the stage of choosing a life path is not need to limit some limits, and always tell them that they can become anyone I want.

A selection of photos, which is exactly the phrase you have in your head What the hell is going on here?!

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat. Funny Animated Gifs

Unbelievably Ridiculously Photogenic Baby. Funny Animated Gifs.

Boy Plays Hide And Seek With Baby Gorilla

A boy runs from one side of a pole to another, the baby gorilla follows suit on the otherside of the glass.

WOW! 101-years old woman is throwing snowballs like a young girl! How come that it is possible? Can you imagine that? Watch and enjoy this delightful spectacle!

ticklish baby armadillo

Warning! Cute animal of the day - ticklish armadillo.

Cute Owl

Who knew owls could be so affectionate?

Firefighter saves woman from a suicide attempt

The Brazilian firefighter proved it's possible to kick a suicidal woman and be deemed a hero

How quickly put «gum» on the head

We’ve had the ghost pepper challenge, the ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge… and the list goes on. Now, the latest viral craze “#CondomChallenge” involves filling it with water and dropping it on your friend’s head.