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This morning I went for a walk with my dog ...


Clouded leopard - a representative of the cat family, living in Southeast Asia. He vaguely reminiscent of a leopard, and is considered to be quite ancient kind.

It's so cute

It's so cute ^_^

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat. Funny Animated Gifs

Upside-down Kitten

Kitten Thinks The World Looks Funny Upside-Down!

Selfie Of The Year - Dog With New Born Kids

Selfie Of The Year - Dog With New Born Kids

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are the largest and heaviest domesticated cats in the world! Are you surprised? Or maybe you are still in doubt? Then take a look at these amazing pictures!

ticklish baby armadillo

Warning! Cute animal of the day - ticklish armadillo.

Cute Owl

Who knew owls could be so affectionate?

Angry Kitty

Very angry and serious cat – it is amazing.


Russian photographer Vadim Trunov took this amazing winter photo shoot of squirrel playing in the snow.