Animals and Nature


This morning I went for a walk with my dog ...

Clouded leopard - a representative of the cat family, living in Southeast Asia. He vaguely reminiscent of a leopard, and is considered to be quite ancient kind.

It's so cute ^_^

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat. Funny Animated Gifs

Kitten Thinks The World Looks Funny Upside-Down!

Selfie Of The Year - Dog With New Born Kids

Maine Coons are the largest and heaviest domesticated cats in the world! Are you surprised? Or maybe you are still in doubt? Then take a look at these amazing pictures!

Warning! Cute animal of the day - ticklish armadillo.

Who knew owls could be so affectionate?

Very angry and serious cat – it is amazing.

Russian photographer Vadim Trunov took this amazing winter photo shoot of squirrel playing in the snow.