This bed appears to float off the floor – here’s how to make it

Subframe floating bed

The subframe is 2×4’s sitting on top of 2×8’s. The 2×4’s are cantilevered 15 inches over the 2×8’s on the front and 2 sides.


I built the subframes in my shop downstairs and had to disassemble them and rebuild them in my bedroom.


I screwed down 1/2″ osb plywood on the 2×4 subframe.

Walnut Side Frame

I ripped down 3/4″ walnut to 8 inches for the side frame.

Corner Caps

Just mitered two 4″ pieces and put an “L” cap on those.

floating bed

I wanted a floating look to it but the shadow from the ceiling light didn’t give it the effect I was looking for.

Lights Added Floating bed

Bought some cheap rope lighting and mounted them under the 2×4 subframe. It added to the floating effect I was wanting.


With the ceiling light off and the rope lights on. Thanks for looking

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