Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you still puzzled over Christmas gift ideas for your kid? Interior designer Anastasia Kasparian came up with unusual clock, which can be easily done with your own hands. This awesome wall clock could be a perfect decoration of your son’s room and a perfect gift for any occasion!

Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son unusual clock

Let’s get started.


  • a flat large diameter metal pan lid;
  • a clockwork;
  • little toy cars (twelve pieces);
  • a glue gun;
  • an old CD;
  • a spray paint.


First of all you will need to give your toy cars the maximum style similarity. Take a spray paint and color all them one by one. Anastasia suggests to use alike toy cars. However you can use componente of different sizes and colors.

Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son - Step 1 (Painting)

Now it’s time to install a clockwork. Crefully remove the hande from the lid. On the opposite side of the lid attach the old CD with the help of the glue gun in order to hide the clockwork. Now all you need is to attach arrows.

Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son - Step 2
Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son - Step 3
Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son - Step 4

Let’s get to work on the dial. As you might have already guessed, our painted cars will serve as numbers on the dial. Take a ruler, identify the right place for each future number and attach the toy cars.

Christmas Handmade Gift for Your Son - Step 5

Our handmade clock is ready! You cannot disagree that such clock could be a very stylish and original gift for your kids. Be creative!

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