7 interesting Facts About Kissing

Today we want to tell you some interesting Facts About Kissing. According to statistics from Google, the question “how to kiss” each year ranks first in the ranking of the most popular searches in the search engine.

7 interesting facts about kissing

The theme is really interesting, but the facts about kissing more exciting. And if the practical part you can do it, I’m sure, for yourself, for the theoretical part, we will help you.

Facts About Kissing

1. Kisses in Cultures

Not in all cultures kisses are admissible. A team of specialists in the field of cultural anthropology and gender studies at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University gathered data on 168 cultures (including both modern industrial society and primitive tribes) from across the globe.

It was found that only 46 percent among human cultures kisses considered the normal way of interaction between man and woman. In 54 percent of cultures kisses are considered as strange, unnecessary and even the repellent phenomenon.

2. First Kiss

People have learned to kiss (at least, in the form as we do now) relatively recently. Raphael Vlodarski from the Oxford university studied written sources in searches of the data how human habits changed.

He found out that the earliest mention of kisses is available in Hindu Vedic texts on a Sanskrit. Age of these manuscripts about 3500 years. The manuscript said that the kiss meant to breathe the soul of each other. First kiss is one of the most interesting facts about kissing.

3. Similar Microflora

Microbiologists from the Netherlands counted that if the kiss lasts 10 seconds, during this time partners manage to exchange 80 million bacteria.

As a result – couples which a long time live together and don’t forget to kiss, have microflora of a mouth, approximately similar structure.

4. Special Science

To study the physiological and psychological characteristics of the human kiss there is a special science.

It’s called filematology (philematology, from the Greek. Philema, which means “kiss”). And process is called in science as osculation.

5. First Movie

Thomas Edison’s movie of “The Kiss” became the first movie in which the kiss was shown. This film was a hit of its time because of the great game of actors and deep content.

We strongly recommend you to watch this magnificent screen version of the musical comedy “Widow Jones” which appeared in April, 1896. Especially as the movie lasts only half-minute, hah.

6. World Kissing Day

World Kissing Day is celebrated every year on July 6th. World Kissing Day was invented in Britain, but it was soon approved by the United Nations as an official international holiday.

7. The longest kiss

The longest kiss lasted for 31 hours 18 minutes and 33 seconds. Such record was set by a loving couple from Italy during a marathon of kisses. Lovers had to interrupt a kiss only because the man felt badly.

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