First photos from “Home for Peculiar Children” (2016)

Jacob’s childhood  passed by the stories his grandfather about the orphanage for unusual children. Among its inhabitants girl who knew how to handle a fire, the girl whose feet do not touch the ground, and  invisible boys twins, who were able to communicate without words. When Grandpa dies, 16-year-old Jacob receives a mysterious letter and sent to the island where his grandfather grew up. There he finds the children who he had seen only in photographs.






Cute Owl Who knew owls could be so affectionate?
Artist Draws Her Cat In 12 Different Styles From Disney To Tim Burton Julija K., an animation student in Germany who goes by Miyuli online, has created a fun series of images in which she uses her cat to explore differen...
Shower in hotel room in Amsterdam Shower in hotel room in Amsterdam. Incredibly, but that's it. Directly in the middle of the room is a transparent cabinet.
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