23 photos, which hell is going on that

A selection of photos, which is exactly the phrase you have in your head What the hell is going on here?! We offer you to look at these pictures, because at first sight and you will not understand, whether a good frame, or perspective, on the contrary, unsuccessful.

(23 pics)



enhanced-buzz-8553-1454519218-5-599x800 enhanced-buzz-20879-1454532312-5-570x800 Is she levitating?
enhanced-buzz-18614-1454530541-6-584x800 enhanced-buzz-26465-1454530719-6-598x800 enhanced-buzz-17433-1454531332-9-578x800 enhanced-buzz-22532-1454519680-5 enhanced-buzz-21077-1454530587-13-599x800 enhanced-buzz-17425-1454516697-7 enhanced-buzz-16171-1454530804-10-703x800 enhanced-buzz-15166-1454516488-9 enhanced-buzz-22845-1454531828-7-596x800 enhanced-buzz-30570-1454532054-8-491x800 enhanced-buzz-30539-1454532257-10-708x800 enhanced-5394-1454534677-5-669x800 enhanced-26153-1454534980-1-615x800 enhanced-buzz-891-1454530516-10-506x800 enhanced-buzz-3429-1454531097-5-597x800 enhanced-buzz-11505-1454530579-12-598x800 enhanced-buzz-12360-1454530075-5-599x800 enhanced-buzz-13082-1454516449-8 enhanced-buzz-14325-1454530562-20-601x800

Stop screaming Stop screaming... "I'm scared too"  
This friend woke one guy up this morning This friend woke one guy up this morning! Do you know who is he?
Squirrel Build A Tiny Snowman (4 pics) Russian photographer Vadim Trunov took this amazing winter photo shoot of squirrel playing in the snow.     
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