How to carry the furniture


I would buy such jacket :)


See famous Porn stars without makeup


cunning cats, Red-headed cat


This morning I went for a walk with my dog ...


Funny citties


Astronomer shows the result of "observations" in practice


Epic crash of new Mclaren 650S Spider supercar. Just 10 minutes driving enough for motorist from the British Essex to crash his long-awaited purchase - a supercar McClaren 650S Spider.


Clouded leopard - a representative of the cat family, living in Southeast Asia. He vaguely reminiscent of a leopard, and is considered to be quite ancient kind.


Author of almost all photos is Beth Mancuso. I do not know the author of photo with a girl .


Mère Poulard omelette known since the late 19th century, when the French Annette Poulard cooking it in her hotel for visitors and guests. The institution still exists today, and the dish was so popular that it is known far beyond the borders of France.

It's so cute

It's so cute ^_^

do not forget about the General photo for memory

Many people know what the colors Holi. It's colored powders, which help arrange colorful battles on spring festival in India.

Moving stones of Death Valley

Our planet is more beautiful than most of us can imagine. We collected 20 pictures that prove that the nature has a good imagination.

The most breathtaking photos from construction of skyscrapers in new York

In 1884 in Chicago began construction of the first skyscraper. It was as much as 10 floors! However, in the beginning of the next century 10-storey building, it was no surprise, and the construction of skyscrapers in America moved to new York.

Instead of traditional DNA testing, scientists have studied proteins in tissues and found that in apparently healthy girl had a bacterial lung infection resembling tuberculosis. The first infection was detected in mummies.

A teenage girl 14-15 years old, which sacrificed about 500 years ago, all ages past have lain in the ice on top of a mountain with a height of 20000 feet.


Helmut Newton is one of the outstanding photographers of the twentieth century. He has long since become an acknowledged classic of photography.


It is believed that children at the stage of choosing a life path is not need to limit some limits, and always tell them that they can become anyone I want.


A selection of photos, which is exactly the phrase you have in your head What the hell is going on here?!

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat

Naughty Kitten attacks Mom Cat. Funny Animated Gifs


Unbelievably Ridiculously Photogenic Baby. Funny Animated Gifs.

10 Incredible Military Photos Taken at Just the Right Time

25 Incredible Military Photos Taken at Just the Right Time. Feast your eyes on one of the most amazing military photo compilations on the internet.